Drool worthy

This is definitely drool worthy; if you love cables, that is… The new (editor, I think) of Interweave Knits isEunny Jang, an incredibly talented knitter. She has mastered so many techniques that I’m still afraid to even try, but I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this horizontal chart pattern since she posted a teaser months & months (& months) ago. And here it is in the newest Interweave Knits!

I’m so happy. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Drool worthy

  1. I don’t even know that I’m going to knit that cardigan; I just know that the cable pattern absolutely Calls To Me. We’ll see…

  2. I love it, but couldn’t wear the sweater. I have wide shoulders and that would only accent it:(

    But.. I could put it into a different pattern?

    I saw a post of yours a while back (on the old blog) about knitting Starsky for your sister. The leaf pattern link you posted was pretty, are you still planning to make it?

  3. yup, ordering yarn this or beginning of next month… i just want the cable from the cardigan — maybe across or below the chest of something?

  4. Cant’ wait to see what you choose for yarn – what about color?

    You are such a great knitter when it comes to fussy patterns, it’s sure to turn out lovely!

  5. For the Starsky, my sister requested the off-white; I’m going to use the Knit Picks they call for too. Not sure about the cable pattern in the Tangled Yoke…

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