Camping was a success!

Well, there were some unfortunate going-ons with one of my teenage sisters, but wrt my boys, etc., it was great.


The boys had a blast in the sand, as you can see. We didn’t see their natural skin color all weekend! Alas, I only got a few rows done but spending time with the fam was important. They did have a good time razzin’ me for wearing Tim’s headlamp/flashlight to knit with, though. Too bad I didn’t get a pic of that! Here is all the further I ever got with the MS3.


Apparently, I’m just not at a place right now where I can knit lace. My only chance is after the boys go to sleep, and that’s taken up with housework (yes, I do occasionally clean), sewing projects (like the 3 dozen diapers still waiting to be sewn for my sister who is due in less than a month), knitting & and sewing for my Etsy store, spending time with my dh… you get the idea. As of today my supplies will be winging their way to another MDC mama who can make use of them as part of her MBOY (magic ball of yarn) package:


Speaking of MDC swaps, here is the watch I received from mamadege5 on MDC:


I *love* it! I was a bit nervous, because she wasn’t able to post any pics of her work or beads, but it ended up being totally unnecessary. 🙂 So happy I took a chance!

It sounds like my computer time is about to be ended by the amount of frantic bouncing I hear coming from the Johnny Jumper, so I’d better post this! OH — I forgot — my Etsy blanket sold! Thank you, thank you — if the buyer was a mama who reads here — I really appreciate it!


5 thoughts on “Camping was a success!

  1. Lace certainly isn’t for the sleep deprived! What you have done looks lovely so far. Have you seen other’s blogs showing their progress on this? It seems to have taken an unexpected route, in my opinion, and I’m not sure where it’s going now. Should be beautiful.

    The pics of the kids is hilarious! You’re probably still finding sand around your house! I was going to book a camping trip for us this weekend but it’s more rain, rain, rain here and highs only around 60 at best so I think I’ll stay inside instead.

    Yeah on the Etsy sales! How is your sister doing? Will you be down for the birth?

  2. Yea, the lace went kinda weird with the wing thing. I’m sure it will turn out beautifully, but I don’t have a very great place to hang it to start with, and no one to gift it to… I’ll try again — maybe in a few months. I loved the beads in the lace though!

    And the sand…oh the sand. ALL of the bedding, towels & toys were covered, and the boys got into the toys, so now the living room floor is coated. I’ll have to borrow my MIL’s real vacuum to get it out… It was definitely fun, though.

    My sister is doing wonderfully. A little sitting on the birth/exercise ball, some chiro visits and baby is head down, although still posterior. I don’t think I’ll be at the birth, though. Too complicated with my own lil ones, plus she’s nervous about having too many people there. I’m glad she got to be at mine, though!

    I hope it warms up for you!! 🙂

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