Sock, socks & more socks

Despite the fact I haven’t quite finished my first “real” pair of “me” socks (although I did make a pair of RPM‘s on 3’s, and I did a pair of plain Opal socks for my MIL, and several pair of slipper socks on 7’s and some kids & baby socks on 3’s and 1’s…lol), I’m chomping at the bit to start a new pair. There’s the Swirl Socks, Beatrix, Titania’s Revenge, and I’ve been wanting to buy both Winter’s Eve, and Millicent — although I want this one mostly for how the foot pattern curves around the top of the instep, not so much the lace at the top. I’m also in love with Clessidra — but then, who wouldn’t be? Oh, did I mention I had a sock OTN several months ago that I set aside to use my needles for something else? I figured I’d just frog it (it’s my own cable pattern I was playing with), but when I pulled it out of it’s bag, I realized I still loved it… And I have some STR in Obsidian I bought to make dh a pair of 3×1 ribbed socks, as well. Oh, I just bought this pattern too.

So what’s a girl to do? Keep in mind I only have 2 pair of size 1’s. I’m considering buying some 0’s or 00 or 000’s, as I’m kinda hard on socks & I’m hoping I can make a firmer fabric with them, and I really, really want to try 2 circs or 1 long ML so I can do 2 socks at once.  I DETEST having even small differences in my socks, and as you may have noticed, I’m crap at following patterns — I always have to alter something. Hmmm…. Did I mention I’m interested in doing the new Socktopia mystery sock? lol

I’ll post some pics of my sock yarn stash later… man I feel cool saying that — I never had a stash of sock yarn until recently (of course 1/2 the reason for it is that my mostest favoritist yarn store is going out of business 😦 ).

Uh-oh, all noise from the jumper has ceased, and the 2 year old is silent… I’m off!


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