Sock yarn and more…

First, a pic of my gorgeous 5 month old learning to sit up! I didn’t capture it well on camera, but he spent several minutes sitting forward (chewing on his toes) and sitting up using his arms to hold himself up yesterday without the boppy (but with mama behind him).

Okay, here’s the sock yarn:
Top left is some cream off brand I picked up at a going out of business sale in Sarasota, FL a year or so ago, and beneath that is some yummy Interlacements “tiny toes.” I made some toddler & baby socks from this and LOVED it for them — they had short color repeats so there were no 2 inch stripes from having such a small diameter. Next (top center) is dh’s STR Obsidian, then my Barefoot Mountain Colors, and my STR in Pucks Mischief. The last row has 3 Opals and 1 Lana Grossa.

I’m considering starting the Socktopia with the Lana Grossa, and Breeze (forgot to tell ya’ about that one!) with the Interlacements and some Opal for a slightly longer ribbed cuff.

Here are some close-ups of the cabled sock I’m doing; the cables are reversed on each side:

Before I go on, I need to take it off the toothpicks (lol) and put it on some string to try them on & make sure they’ll actually fit! Cables distort size a lot, so I’m not sure. Heck, I don’t even remember how many stitches there are anymore!

Here are the opal ankle socks I’m finishing up for myself with leftover yarn from my MIL’s normal length socks:

Some of my other WIPs…

This skirt and tank set for Etsy:

But with a slight problem:

The varigated’s white isn’t white. It’s ecru or tan or just plain dingy. So I’m in the process of knitting a green tank with white & purple ruffles (just ruffles, not stripes like the skirt) for the skirt, and then I’ll cast on some shorties in green (I have lots of green, lol) with purple ruffles for the varigated tank. *sigh* I suppose that means I’ll have twice as much to sell when I’m done, right?

I’m almost finished with this shrug for the sundress I made, but I’m afraid the arms are too long and I’m trying to figure out if I need ruffles at the wrists.

This is the almost finished shorties for Etsy, but they are apparently sized for a 4 year old… so I’ll be ripping them back. In my defense, I don’t usually knit shorties on 7’s, so I was a bit generous with the increases. The yarn is beautiful BriarRose, and there’s also some light/sage green Cascade 220 for contrast/detailing and an old, unsuccessful (lesson in gauge) soaker I plan to frog to use the brown Cascade 220 (also for contrast/detailing). I’ve got ideas swirling in my head of vines and leaves for embellishments, and a Nicky Epstein book on loan from the library as we speak.

Hmmmm… I just realized I never posted pics of all the yarn I received from the MBOY in July. 1st is the SO SOFT Bernat baby cotton from Riley (BellaBabe’s son) and 2nd is the 100PureWool (for Etsy), Wool-ease (for baby) and Barefoot Mountain Colors (for me) from MommyDeVille. The treasures have all long-since been split up into knitting bags, etc., but I assure you, they were/are wonderful! Especially the collection of Burt’s Bees products from Riley! 🙂
a.jpg b.jpg


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