Oh the excitement!

Possibly some pics to come later, but I had to pop on & post about all the “excitement” in my life (lol). In no particular order:

1. My dh repaired my computer! You can’t tell, but *I* sure can. It’s so great to have my machine back to myself, although we had to bag the cool box he’d built it in & use a plain jane tower because of cooling issues. I’ll post pics of how awesome it looked sometime; it had been overheating since we moved from Florida though (and out of the central air). That’s most likely why the motherboard fried. Anyhow, no more waiting for him to stop gaming to get my turn online.

2. I went to my high school reunion Saturday, and actually had a great time! It was so strange to see people… Some looked just the same as always, and others were way different. Umm… that was profound, huh? lol Anyway, it was fun & hopefully I’ll hear from a few. I need to go post my blog addy on the alumni site; maybe some will visit (assuming they can get through the knitting content!). Spencer did wonderfully with his brothers and my Mom & sisters for almost 2 hours before they brought him up to the reunion. He was actually pretty mellow there too, considering how loud it was. We took off about an hour later, though…I kept hearing“You’ve got a baby…in a bar!?” over and over in my head.

3. Spencer is mobile! The boy can pivot & army scoot across a room like a veteran now. Of course his decision making leaves a bit to be desired… I had to rescue him from under the stairs in the living room today. He kept trying to go forward and hitting his head on the stair step…

4. Partially due to #3, I believe, I have had quite a bit more knitting time lately! As a result, I’m into the 2nd chart repeat on my Socktopia socks,

about to split for the front/back of the tank top to match the skirt,

and finished with the gusset in my Opal ankle socks. We won’t discuss the fact that I’m supposed to be sewing and not knitting right now… πŸ˜‰ My dh might *possibly* make a comment on the last time I swept the floor, too, but I hear plenty of exploding ships/bodies/whatever coming from his office, so I doubt he’s doing housework either.

Oh, I forgot to mention the awesome handspun yarn I picked up at my local Artists’ Market last Thursday! It’s 95/5 Alpaca/Mohair. I’m swatching it out to see what I should knit it at right now. I’m thinking it looks nice on 3’s, but I’m going to try 5’s just to see if I can coax a bit more out of it — they only had about 870 yards. I’m considering some sort of tank top type thing you would wear over a shirt — it’s a tiny bit itchy sometimes… we’ll see. It’s so pretty though, and has a great, slightly lofty/springy feeling to it when you squeeze it. Okay, now I’m wierding myself out. lol

If you are visiting from the alumni site, leave a comment & say hi! Saturday was fun! πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Oh the excitement!

  1. Sounds like you’ve been having some fun! Sock looks great, as your always do:)

    Can’t believe that little baby of yours is off and moving already!
    And I love your new banner at the top!

    That yarn find looks gorgeous. Can’t wait to see what you decide to make.

  2. yea, that was the last day of it. i think her name was susan. she came to knitting nights sometimes. small, blondish hair with glasses. πŸ™‚

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