Kids pics

It has been brought to my attention (by my dear, dear husband with the old, un-updated for months blog) that my “knitting mommy’s tale” is a bit heavy on the knitting & light on the “mommy.”  So here are some pics of my little angels (and let it be said that these are about the only pics I can access since the others are on dh’s computer, and he hasn’t mapped a drive for me to get to them, and the REST of them are on the non-working computer, but I digress).

Aiden & Spencer; Aiden loves to “love” on his baby brother…


Aiden helping Grandma wash dishes — I have a similar pic of Ian around somewhere; too cute.  She bought the pants…I’m seeing a trend here… lol


Ian & Aiden got to have their first taste of hitting balls with a bat; I think Ian actually hit this one — by the time they finished he was probably getting 1 in 3!


And my sweet baby boy on a quilt outside with me.  🙂



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