People give you pretty strange looks

when you take pictures of your feet at baseball games.

But how can I resist when I’ve finally finished my first pair of socks for ME. And I do mean *just* finished. As in, I have to finish these NOW, because it’s cold out and I have no other socks to walk home in & my little tootsies are freezing! Luckily, Spencer wanted to do lots of this:


(which has been heavily edited for the squeamish) then went to sleep, which gave me a view of the game that looked something like this:


So I had no problem finishing up the last 20 rows & grafting the toe. And now, I have these:


Overall, everyone had lots of fun! First Spencer got to play with the camera:


Then the boys tortured Grandma:


And Tim tortured the boys:


Then Spencer finished his nap & donned his mama-made-only-going-to-wear-twice Noro Sweater & looked entirely too cute. He even smiled for a fairly decent picture with Mama:

112.jpg 113.jpg

After the game (who are we kidding — after 1/2 the game) we walked home (an hour and a half past the boys’ bedtime) and Aiden fell asleep riding on Tim’s shoulders, Ian pointed out stars the whole way, and Spencer tried out the lil thug look with his hat:


His midwives made that hat & it’s gone from precious and sweet, to cooooool. lol

I have to say, that after my post the other day, I felt as if a bit of the load had been lifted. You really do need to just “get it all out” occasionally. 🙂 Next up, 8 random things about me; I’ve been tagged by ThisFinngarianMama!


4 thoughts on “People give you pretty strange looks

  1. Is he nursing on your shirt, or your nipple? LOL Great pics and the socks are LOVELY!! I should finish the two pair I started while pregnant…

  2. lol, the pic showed most of my breast, so i *colored it in* in photoshop — there are some people w/ my blog addy that would be wierded out by more graphic nursing pics, i think…

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