Wow.  I don’t think I’ve ever been this tired.  I walk about in zombie mode and am totally missing obvious cues from my kids.

The good news: my lil sister had her first baby last night at 9:59pm.  A beautiful 5lb, 11oz, 18 1/2 inch little girl.  Unfortunately, she was sideways & nestled under mommas ribs, and her labor started by her water breaking, so they weren’t able to turn her (her midwives had already exhausted 3/4 of the options for turning babies in the week(s) before) and she had to have a c/s.  I’m so sad for her.  😦  My first two were c/s, so I completely understand, and she had planned to have this lil goober at the birthcenter I delivered Spencer at.  I hope she heals easily from it.

Thanks to my  car seat hating (almost) 6 month old, the 1 1/2 hour trip down took about 2 – 2 1/2 hours.  It was a nightmare.  I pulled over at least 6 times, sometimes short stops, once for 20 minutes.  The trip back was like the 7th circle of Hell.  I left before 11:30pm (because he wouldn’t stop screaming and go to sleep in the sling like a reasonable child, lol) and finally arrived home at 2:45am.  He woke up every 15 minutes.  I had to remove him from his seat, nurse him to sleep (while he layed — laid? on my lap — not cradled in my arms), put him in his seat, nurse him back to sleep for another 5 minutes, then slide over to the driver’s seat & drive until he inevitably woke up again.  I cried with him.  I was so desperate to just get home that I begged him to sleep so I could drive.  I even, in a dark corner of my mind, considered holding him and driving.  Of course, I didn’t.  If anything ever happened I couldn’t live with myself; but I was desperate enough to consider it.

Lest you think my baby is a true demon spawn, I’ll admit to some contributing factors.  The poor guy is getting/has his first ever cold.  I’m assuming it’s the same one Aiden & I have, so I’m guessing he’s feeling achy, tired, restless & has slightly swollen glands & a runny nose.  Anyone who’s had a baby knows how they respond the first time they get sick.  So sad.  The other big thing is that I didn’t really eat from 2pm til 9:30 — and then it was just a little hospital sandwich.   I had planned to stop for some fast food on my way home as soon as Spence fell asleep, but by the time that happened I was past any town big enough to have a 24 hour place.  I almost cried driving past all those closed down restaurants.  In retrospect I could have stopped at a gas station & taken him out of his seat & in with me, but he always seemed to be asleep when we drove past them and I wasn’t going to screw that up!  I managed to choke down a couple dry pretzel rods and get a few drinks of water out of some almost empty water bottles sitting in the truck.  Anyhow, I’m sure that didn’t help my milk supply.

Now they’re screaming in the living room.  The boys are fighting over everything, and Spencer has been fussy all day.  Did I mention he bites when he’s frustrated?  And that he has one tooth that has cleared the gum line?  OH. MY.  I do believe I damaged my friend’s eardrum with my scream.  WOW.

Okay, enough whining.  The children keep fussing for food…I swear all they do is eat.  As if I should be allowed around a stove or sharp knives today…  ugh.  I think the boiled eggs are done.  Hopefully Ian won’t cry for five minutes because they’re white instead of the usual brown (the way he did when I accidentally peeled the last one of the old batch instead of letting him do it).   I love my children.  (lol) 😉


6 thoughts on “Exhaustion

  1. (((hugs))) I hope you’re all feeling better. That trip is a true horror story (I lived it driving down here too). I feel a bit guilty that we might have passed you the bug. N is feeling better and the rest of us never got it.

    ps- my eardrum is recovering. 🙂

  2. lol, good to know there’s no permanent damage! don’t feel bad about the cold, every time i comment on it someone says, “oh we had that xx days ago!” it’s just going around…

  3. Thanks for finding my blog – and thanks for the diapering advice! That’s a good idea….

    I’m glad to hear that your sister and the baby are well – and that you’re home without having a total 😉 breakdown (I know what that feels like, too!).

  4. Oh honey… (((hug))) What a miserable trip! I’m glad your sis is doing OK… life with the crazies is always, well, crazy isn’t it! Sophie is right there with Spence… she just got her first tooth and is working on a lot of stuff. She and Will had colds a couple of weeks ago so yours probably got the same thing we had…

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