Quick Saturday Post…

I’m entirely too nice; I let Tim go to a LAN (local area network) party (lots of geeky, mostly pre-pubescent boys bringing their computers to a central location, network them together & play games against one another all day), today. So I’m on my own today.

After an iffy start, we’re doing all right. The boys are busy feeding and watering their puppets:


I’ve got a mood movie in (thank goodness the boys don’t think “nursies” are for anything other than, um, nursing at this point).


I’m feelin’ the Socktopia mystery sock love, again — after weeks of almost no knitting time or “job” knitting:


I’m not feeling a lot of love for it though, because I only get to knit a stick or two at a time…mostly because of this one (please disregard unfolded laundry) :


That’s okay, though. He getting big fast, I’ll have more time soon (shhh…leave me my dreams!). He’s already big enough for the bath ring (closely guarded by mommy):


So how’s your Saturday?


Busy, busy, busy!

I don’t actually know if I’ve been really busy or just tortured into a curled up, sobbing mess by my kids. Well not literally, but there are days… 😉 I was really happy when we were greeted with a beautiful late summer day this week (one of the last this year, I’m sure); we took full advantage:


It’s always good to get that child abuse on record early… 😉 I don’t know what my dh would have done if we’d had girls…he’s always been convinced they’re all “tea parties and teddy bears.” Silly man. Oh, here’s a pic of playgroup last week (another beautiful, end of summer day):


I told you about the yarn I found at Goodwill in the form of bulky knit cotton/ramie tanks:


I *finally* finished the shorties I was knitting for a long overdue swap, and decided to throw a lil decoration on them. I just received a message from the mom & apparently, they were a hit. Yaay!


I also finished a front-loading soaker for a friend. It’s knit in 100purewool and is amazingly buttery soft. Sorry about the uninspired pics…I always forget to use the camera during the day!


I received my knitpicks order really quickly — 3 days, maybe?


3 balls of shine sport in “grass,” to add to the other two (plus one in ‘natural’) and 3 pair of needles. 2 size 1’s, and 1 size 0’s in the new Harmony wooden needles. Where are they, you ask? Already hard at work:


I’m knitting up a bit of a swatch, just to see how the colors would run, & so far I really like it. I’m happy with it now, even though it was a few dollars less than STR, you know?  So I’m pretty sure this is what I’ll be using for the Harvest sock swap.  I’m just about positive I’ll be doing a firestarter, too.  🙂

Today, I was lucky enough to pick up my Peace Fleece. It’s gorgeous, and the colors are amazing. I’m not even sure where to start with what I bought!


And because I can’t resist… here’s Spencer at playgroup this week with his lil buddy. She’s exactly 2 weeks older than he is, and every time they see each other they start cooing & scooting towards one another — with wide open mouths! She tries to “latch on” to his bald head, and wears a face of utter contentment. Spencer just stares at her in wonder & lifts a chubby lil hand to pat her eyes, cheeks, mouth… I tried telling him he was going to end up bit twice (once in the hand & once on the head), but listening isn’t a 7 month old’s strong suit…


Oh, how could I forget this pic of my niece! She was a bit traumatized by her bath and needed a quick nursie:


It’s ON baby.

Tim and I had a talk today…okay, I had a mini blow-up/ranting session about the state of our house & how we are consistently wasting our Saturdays by messing about on the computer & turning on the TV for the kids. It came down to him saying, as usual, “just tell me what I have to do.” This irritates me to no end — you tell children what to do; not grown adults in equal relationships. He should *want* to improve our home as he is 1/2 owner too, ya know? Well, apparently this isn’t how he works. I’m finally accepting it, so I ran off a short list for him. 15 minutes per day of cleaning up, on top of dishes (he loads/unloads the dishwasher, I do laundry — those are our only “set” jobs). And we will begin a “turn off the computer between the hours of x & x on Saturdays” schedule next week. I also told him to put up my spice rack/shelf. We’ve lived here for 2 years and I still have a stupid crate hanging from a nail (that was there when we moved in) holding a few of my spices/oils etc., and a basket of herbs taking up precious counter space. Then I got more specific; I told him to “get it done, this week!” I was being very fierce, you understand (which is quite difficult whilst laying on the bed, one breast exposed while a 6 month old crawl/cruises up and down your torso occasionally having a quick “drink”), so I was irritated when he laughed and asked “which day?” I may have yelled a bit when I answered “Tuesday!” My life is so absurd that sometimes I have to just laugh at myself; else I’d have to take a flying leap off the Tridge… which I’ve seen some less than intelligent teenaged boys do. It looked kinda freeing, actually; until I remembered the proximity to the Dow plant.

Anywho; I am sooo telling him what to do from now on. No more wishy-washy Mrs. Nice Gal; It’s ON!

On the knitting front; pics tomorrow…cause I’m lazy! I scored 2 gorgeous bulky knit tank tops in a cotton/ramie blend today at Goodwill — $1.49 each! A muted (brown tinged?) orange and a medium blue in the same “tone.” So awesome! I’m kinda crossing my fingers that it will be two strands held together when I frog them (which is quite common with machine knit sweaters)…there would be enough for a sweater for me, then! In any case, it was a great find; just sitting on the end of a rack. I had to holler up to Tim to stop swiping the debit card so I could add these on (he loves it when I do this).

I also bought the yarn for my Harvest Sock Swap. It isn’t an exciting handpainted/etsy yarn or anything, and I can’t decide if I’m okay with that. I really liked the color, though (and, to be honest, the price — 13.95). I’ll show ya’ll tomorrow and you can tell me what you think. My swap pal has LOTS of sock knitting under her belt — I’m a little bit intimidated! I’m still trying to decide on a pattern. I’m playing with the idea of doing Firestarters, but I’m not 100% sure yet; plus I’d have to decide if I was going to use the needle size the pattern calls for (I’d have to buy another set), or if I’m going to use the smaller set I’d chosen for myself… Decisions, decisions. In my blog readings I came across another mystery sock pattern. It’s being hosted by Maia, of Maia Spins. I am such a sucker for cables! Somebody stop me…I have so many things to do…

Did I tell you my baby got his 3rd tooth yesterday? He can also scoot around army crawl style and push himself into & down from a sitting position! Unfortunately he has a finely tuned paper radar that (coupled with the aforementioned scooting proficiency) has me running into the living room every minute and a half to remove slimy paper bits from his mouth. This is second only to his plastic bag radar. I’ve actually seen him spot a plastic bag (filled with something — they don’t generally float about the house empty; I’m not that bad of a housekeeper!), and scoot like a madman 1/2 way across the room for it. *sighs* This one is going to run me ragged… 😉


This is a very interesting article on the intricacies of “organic” foods: Christianity Today. It seems to be a Christian POV, but more so just a common sense one. It seems like there have been plenty of things lately that are just ridiculous… Some Whole Foods Markets issues I just read about here and here. A friend of mine also had a bad experience with them where they basically bullied area distributors to stop allowing new co-ops/buying clubs to start when they (Whole Foods I mean) moved into the area (which made it necessary to buy from Whole Foods). Not cool.

And then there’s the state of Michigan’s awesome (not) idea to allow teachers/staff to carry concealed weapons IN school. Wow. What a winner that idea is. You can contact your state rep to voice your opinion. I haven’t called yet because at this point I’d just be insulting; which may feel good but probably wouldn’t be all that helpful. I can see it now…students stealing guns from teachers, staff members accidentally shooting unarmed kids; I mean come on! If things are bad enough that we need to arm the teachers with guns?! then perhaps we should do a bit of overhauling to the public school system. Just maybe? Ugh. Okay, on to something that doesn’t make my blood boil and make me want to move to the middle of no where to live in a tent.

My magic ball of yarn!! 🙂 You see here: lotsa Bluefaced Leicester Wool — some dyed by Uberknits in “Monkey Pie” and some not. The lovely Haydee also sent dye & supplies so I can dye my own (which I’ve been wanting to do!), a knit check, yummy teas, 2 ribbons, gorgeous stitch markers, nifty knitting beads from blue moon & (not pictured cause I forgot!) 5 inch size 6 wooden dpn’s (which I didn’t have, so yay!)! Thank you!!

Now for my “ugh!” knit. I am so annoyed by these shorties — or really, I’m annoyed by myself.

I mean really. If a kid has a 19 inch rise, do ya think, just maybe that she’ll need bigger than 8 inch leg cuffs? *smacks forehead* Ah well, it’s actually a pretty quick fix, then I can finish up the detailing I’m planning and ship them out. TOMORROW. Geez.

On the up side, I joined the Firestarter socks KAL, which is completely awesome! The pattern is available for free from Yarnissima!’s blog. You simply email her & request a copy. I cannot wait until her other pattern (you can see the prototype in the flicker pic’s) comes out. Super cool! lol Right now, though, I have to decide which sock yarn to use… My new Socks That Rock in Metamorphic, the old in Puck’s Mischief (2nd pic, center bottom — the cabled sock start has been frogged), or the Mountain colors (2nd pic, just above the puck’s mischief)…opinions?



The One Where Carolynn Gorges Herself With Yarn

Oh. My. Palooza.That was a total blast! I’ll let Kristi tell the story, she has all the cool pictures. The only one I remembered to take was this one:


Gosh my baby is beautiful!

It was a beautiful day & so much fun! So many wonderful ladies & awesome knitted garments. I wanted to walk around petting people all day. Thanks to Spence being in the sling I did lots of walking around, but I tried to curtail my petting. I even got 1/2 way through a hat for him to match his Noro sweater. I finished up except for ends weaving today, but I’ll wait to show a pic until he’s awake to model it (not that he hasn’t woken up eight time in the last few hours, but we won’t talk about that now).

On to the yarn! I have never, ever bought that much yarn at one time (other than last week for RikkiDawn’s sweater — but that wasn’t as much $$, or as exciting). Not that I’m going to admit how much I spent! At least not until next week when I can add “but I didn’t spend any money this week to make up for it” while confessing to my dh.

First stop was to Threadbear. Wow. I walked in & was totally overwhelmed (in a good way). So. Much. Yarn. Gorgeous “Twisted” sock yarn spilling off a round table at the entrance, roving just beside it, awesome buttons behind it… There were walls of sock yarn. And tons of sale stuff. I bought this gorgeous kettle dyed Manos Cotton Stria (50 grams each) for $3 a skein! I grabbed up 6 of them (all they had!) to make one of the boys a sweater, then grabbed the orange one to make one for my niece & use the rusty color as an accent on hers.


And then there was the Interlacements “Tiny Toes.” I love this stuff. It has nice short color runs for youngin’s socks, so they can be a little stripe-y. That is if I don’t decide to use it for me! I only grabbed one though, so even with contrasting toe/heel/ribbing and making them anklets it might be close. I’ve been meaning to make a lil kerchief for my head/hair out of sock yarn, so maybe I’ll use this for that… Anywho, here it is (there really isn’t any black in it; it’s a really dark purple):


And then I found the perfect color Alpaca to go with the brown homespun I bought at the Artists’ Market this summer. One of the owners (I forgot his name!) helped me pick the perfect shade of blue:


After a relatively short break on one of their comfy couches & a lil “snack” for Spencer, we were on to Rae’s Yarn Boutique. I’ve, of course, been here before. She has a much smaller store, but it’s chock full of awesome yarns as well! Noro, Malbrigio, Lana Grossa (who is my new favorite “stock” sock yarn for not-to-striped-stripe-y yarn), Socks That Rock… the list is endless. She has a great book selection, too, although I try not to look too close! lol Spencer had a blast scooting around by her nifty loveseat type couches and I restrained myself and only walked out with two sock yarns:

09-16-07057-copy.jpg 09-16-07060-copy.jpg

Socks That Rock lightweight in “Metamorphic,” and Panda Cotton in “Fall Herbs” from Crystal Palace — I’m totally excited to try this stuff; it’s bamboo, cotton & elastic nylon.

Oh, and for the record; I never would have been able to restrain myself if she wasn’t so close to my sister’s house. I know I can go back (and I will; as soon as dh gives me back my debit card (haha)).

That was the end of my purchases, but not the end of the yarn! At the BBQ there was a “toss in a ball of yarn & pull one out” bag. I *almost* didn’t participate — you know how hard it is to part with any stash, right? Well let me tell you how glad I am that I went ahead and did it. I am THIS glad:


1000 yards of Bule Heron Yarns Egyptian Merc. Cotton in “Deep Copper.” Oh. Wow. I pulled it out and my jaw dropped open. I cannot tell you what was running through my head, but I was pulled out of my stupor by Amby’s “you’d better run with that; if Kristi catches you, she’s likely to fight you for it!” And run I did! Right back to my bags, where I petted it a minute then stuffed it way at the bottom. I’m not sure if I was worried Kristi would chase me down for it (wink, wink) or afraid I’d break down & give it away — I was feeling so lucky that I couldn’t possibly be that lucky; there must be some mistake, ya know? But I managed to push my overactive guilt aside & take it with me. Indeed, it rode beside me in the truck all the way home (where I could pet it). I would have turned the interior light on occasionally to look at it, but the boy was sleeping so well that I had to be content with the light near stoplights.

It was a great day, and I can’t wait to do it again (next year?).


It is probably good that it’s over, though. It threw my house into a bit of upheaval… not only did Tim have to take care of the boys all by himself (boo-hoo) the day of, I was a bit distracted the day before what with all the planning, anticipating & blog reading about it, and this happened:



I burst out laughing when I saw them (which was largely because it’s all washable — I’m no dummy), then broke out the camera. They were covered from head to toe. I won’t post the nekkid pics, though. They’re getting a bit old for that, I think.

Gaa… here it is, 1:30am and I have to prep the snack for Ian’s preschool class tomorrow — gee; wonder why I’m always tired?

Him is a pix-er guy?!

That’s right, my husband has attained the high rank of “pix-er guy.”  Known by others as “fixer guy.”  Construction workers, Handy Manny & Bob the Builder, watch out!  Papa is the new hero in town…his current project?

Taking the legs off a table with a wrench to transport it.