What a week! If you’re here for knitting content, you’ll want to move on… I was *gasp* too busy to do any knitting, really! I know, I know, pick your jaws up off the ground. I did do a tiny bit, but I’ll show that to ya’ll later.

Okay! Jeez, here’s two pics to hold you off! A scarf/hat set knit by an MDC mama in a swap; I got it for my newest niece — those cherries are too cute! The second pic is a teaser of the magic ball of yarn (mboy) I sent out — can’t wait til my “secret pal” receives it!



Now on to the real content! Here is my beautiful niece, Haylee Dawn (I think that’s how they’re spelling it!).


I totally made this stuff (okay, not the baby, but the pillow for my sis a long time ago, the shirt for ds2 before he was born, and the cover just for this lil one)! Once again, a baby making me look good! 😉

r8.jpg r9.jpg

with the new Mom & Dad…



I don’t feel so bad about not finishing the diapers yet, she wouldn’t have fit in any of them! I made a few other things for her:


r15.jpg r17.jpg

The boys got to have some fun too, I took them to a Chucky Cheese type place (it actually was a Chucky Cheese when I was little). They “played” 3 games of air hockey once Mama stopped insisting they were too short to play.


And Spencer? Well, he hung out in the sling with me the entire time, happy as a clam…he had the most fun back at my sister’s house… tasting the local delicacies (okay, okay, so it was a toy — it still makes for a fun picture).


Then my husband came for a couple days over the weekend


and he reminded us of this (Ian 3-4 weeks old):


so we did this & this (Spencer in Papa’s new saddlebags & Haylee in the new Papa’s hat!)



Aiden spent some quality time with their doggy, who was relegated to the kitchen while we were there:

r13.jpg r14.jpg

And I realized that I no longer have an itty-bit!


Aren’t her pants sooo cute?!  They’re recycled shorties from Basically Babies in  Lansing — I’ll pull her into the evil world of wool diaper covers yet! lol


3 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. Hee hee, enjoyed all the pictures… she really is a cute little peanut! 🙂 I’m glad things got worked out with her nursing!

  2. Hey loser face you spelled your own nieces name WRONG!!!!! wow what an aunt I hope your happy lol The right spelling is HALEY keep that crap up and its bottlefeeding and disposable diapers for this fam. lol jk L8TER

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