8 Random Things…

Okay, I’ll do this quick; else I’ll spend the entire day trying to come up with the perfect 8.

1. I am a terrible pack-rat. I keep everything. Everything. I have two 12x12x18 bins and 3 stuffed plastic handle bags of fabric scraps. Scraps that are no good unless you quilt with random patterned fabric that requires 1 inch or smaller squares. A (real) quilter, I am not. I come by it honestly though. A year ago my mom brought back a large ziplock full of (ready for it?) holey socks (and not the handknit sort!). She thought I could use them for rags, or stuffing or something. I didn’t even think a thing about it until my friend saw the bag sitting in my craft room & expressed her curiosity, and then very nicely informed me I was crazy.

I still have that bag (I swear I’m going to throw it out next time I find it, though!)

2. I often walk back & forth through the house trying to figure out what to do “next” and end up accomplishing nothing. This is very frustrating.

3. When I was “growing up” I wanted to be: a mama, a teacher, a writer, a waitress, and to work in a floral shop. I have been/am: a mama, a waitress & hope to start writing again some time. I still think it would be awesome to work in a floral shop though. I’d also love to own & run some sort of cafe with a large play area (in the center of the room?) with tables all around so mamas could eat out & the kids could have fun. There would be vegan, vegetarian & organic fare — no hotdog/hamburger selections. Platters of “munchies” would be a favorite with cheeses, deli meats (no nitrates!), pickles, raw veggies, wholesome dips, crackers… Yum.

Perhaps I’d also own the yarn store next door… 😉

4. I learned to knit less than 2 years ago and fell in love. I have sewed, played at beading, been obsessed with picture frames (that was my decorating scheme in my first apt… picture frame. I had 33 on the wall in my 12×8 attic living room). Knitting calms me, and centers me, if you will.

5. I have never succeeded in doing a real cartwheel. I have a secret fear of falling on my neck halfway through and either dying or being paralyzed for the rest of my life. I cannot bring myself to attempt any flips on trampolines, or visit a chiropractor more than once every few years when I’m in extreme pain & have geared myself up for it.

6. Very rarely do I spend $30 on anything “unnecessary” at any one time. I will, however spend $5 six times without a blink.

7. I am an optimist.

8. I obsess about the most ridiculous things.  It took me over a week to think of 8 random things about myself.  A week.  Am I really that boring that I can’t think of 8 interesting things?  Don’t answer that!


3 thoughts on “8 Random Things…

  1. Yeah, Yeah, Open a Knit Cafe here!!! Wouldn’t that be great?!

    You’ve only been knitting for 2 years? Wow. I totally thought you have been for a much longer time. So glad you fell in love with the craft. You knit beautifully!


  2. You are more interesting than you think!!! 🙂 The walking back and forth in the house has to do with being a mother and I could never do a cartwheel either… I won’t even attempt it now!!

  3. I have the same fear about doing cart wheels. You should’ve seen me trying to explain to my oldest daughter when she joined cheerleading (at age 7) that mommy couldn’t show her how to do a cart wheel. lol. And at least you walk around the house looking for something to do, I’d rather just sit and knit.

    Thanks for joining the Harvest Sock Swap!

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