Drunken blogging!

WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Tim is SOOOOO not allowed to mix me drinks anymore! We’ve been married for 7 years now — he doesn’t need to get me inebriated to get lucky. lol Did I mention I let him go to Ozfest on our anniversary? Happy day for me. *rollseyes* I’d better get LOTS of points for that one.

Seriously though, I’m just a lil wobbly (don’t worry, the effects will wear off before Spence wakes up & it was only *one* drink — I’m a serious lightweight).

…an hour later

Really, I don’t drink enough to feel more than a pleasant relaxed feeling very often. I think the hormones from #3 have made me even more wimpy, lol. Or perhaps I didn’t eat enough dinner? I finished off half a bag of soup/soda crackers and 1/2 a bar of Lindt & Sprugli chocolate (no milk!!) after the drink to settle my stomach.

Life is good. It’s amazing how a semi-clean house and a relaxing drink can turn things around. The prospect ofthe alpaca exhibit this weekend and Knitterpalooza next weekend might have something to do with it. I’ve found some other blog worthy things, too.

The Harvard study on babies needing you when they cry (fancy that *rollseyes*), a petition against inappropriate movies on planes, the excellent pinstripes and polkadots website with information on safe detergents for diaper laundering (I keep losing this site!), a cute wrap style knitted wool soaker from Lion brand (the only wrap style that’s ever really caught my interest), and a nifty page on foods for dying wool, also from Lion.

Talk about random stuff, huh. Oh, a couple more. This lady is hilarious. She’s of the ebaying pokemon cards and baseballs fame (scroll down to older posts to see what I mean). And thanks to peaknit, I’m being forced (haha) to join the harvest sock swap. You knit 1 sock, then pass the yarn, pattern etc., on to your pal. Nifty idea!



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