My baby has started preschool!


He did great his first day (Wednesday), and was not scared at all to go in. I had dh take off work so he could be there the entire time just in case Ian was scared. Apparently he just sat in the hall the whole time. Ian saw him once and did the growl face (which is a sign of affection in our family, lol) and Tim waved to him & that was it. The only tears that came about had to do with leaving class when he realized he didn’t get to take his spiffy new school supplies home with him. The boy LOVES his crayons, scissors & glue. lol He’s off for his second day tomorrow. Tim will be taking him again (since he already has it off), but it’s looking to really be no big deal for him! I guess he really was ready.

On a knitterly front; I picked up the Susan Bates sock needle set for $10 at Meijers (big grocery/super store like Walmart, but NOT trying to take over the world) today! 000, 00, 0, & 1 sized 5 piece dpns. Woot! I’ve been wanting to try some smaller ones because I’m determined to have a nice, dense fabric to get as durable of a sock as possible. It sounds like I also just sold two knitting bags (I think), which will help fund this week’s alpaca exhibit yarn buying, since I spent a good $15 of my $30 mad money today. Good thing I didn’t include the tofutti’s “ice cream,” the almond chocolate drink, and the $2 chocolate bar (are we seeing a theme here?) in my mad money count or I’d be totally broke! lol Since it’s all food I slid it in under the guise of “groceries,” though. I also got to buy a couple clearance shirts for the boys for next year (I feel so thrifty doing that, yet it’s still exciting because it’s something new).

My other bit of excitement is that I’m going to *finally* buy the yarn for my sister’sStarsky jacket (as well as enough to make one for her baby for next winter). I’ll be substituting this Barbara Walker vine pattern for the one on the jacket. The only problem being that I don’t actually *own* the book & I’m almost positive my library doesn’t either. I can get away with the yarn purchase as a Christmas present (and thus not part of the mad money budget), but I don’t think dh is going to fall for me buying a $30 book too. Hmmm…interlibrary loan? I’ll have to check into it…

Uh, oh. I just went to check out the yarn choice, and it’s changed names; it’s Cadena now. The name doesn’t matter, but the fact that it’s hand wash only does. I could swear that last time I checked it was machine washable on gentle. My sister specifically requested that because she’s concerned that with the light color it will need to be washed often (and since she owns a large black dog, I agree). Crap. Anyone have any bright substitution ideas?

On a more cheerful note, I did sign up for the Harvest Sock Swap and am getting really geeked. I also joined the Secret of the Stole KAL. I’m not 100% on that one, as I had to give up on my last attempt at lace, due to time constraints. Still, I have until the middle of next month to decide. I really *want* to, and Spencer is sleeping better, but now we’re getting into Christmas knitting territory. I have Starsky to knit, as well as a big rug for my mother in law, and at least 4 hats for my nieces and nephews… Anywho, we’ll see.

Pictures on some FO on my next post, probably. The camera batteries are charging tonight, & I have to hunt down a tapestry needle to graft my first (non shorties style) soaker, and finish up a pair of shorties in the next day or so.


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