Wassat, you say? Why yes, Momma did blow some of her knitterpalooza budget this weekend! To be fair, she planned to use some of it at the Alpaca Exhibit, but that was a bit of a flop for her…5-10 farms with mostly smallish $15-$30 skeins. Not that it wasn’t worth it, but Papa would blow a gasket if she bought enough to make anything substantial, and since he came along to herd us kids, she couldn’t sneak anything by him. You should have heard him muttering when he saw all the spinning wheels in use — he was afraid she was going to buy one on the spot, which of course she hadn’t considered…until that moment.

But now, Momma has a plan. Papa still hasn’t learned not to give himself away — like when he tells my big brothers not to touch something they didn’t even know was there…he’s just planting ideas… 😀

So anyway, Momma withstood the Alpaca call, but totally caved at the yard sale on the way home — (again, that Papa saw & mentioned & then acted annoyed when Momma commanded that he drive back around the block to it). Look at this haul:

s1.jpg s5.jpg

No, the dresses aren’t for me — they’re for my new cousin. The sweaters are, though. Hopefully they won’t be too big, but at $.25 & $.50, she couldn’t pass them up — Momma’s a sucker for Baby Gap & Children’s Place stuff.


Isn’t this the coolest stool? Some guy was makin’ jokes with Papa about more “junk” in the house, but who could call this junk?! It’s way comfy, too — at least that’s what Momma says, she hasn’t actually let me try it yet.

s7.jpg s6.jpg

Momma bought this for a dollar — she says she’s going to take it apart for the yarn — it’s kinda floppy & thin now, see how you can see her hand through it? She needs to do a little test to see what kind of fabric it is for sure, though. Cross your fingers (I like to cross my ankles) for wool!

Papa didn’t even complain about all the stuff as he loaded it up (my brothers got some more chairs for their table & we got a little outside clubhouse thing — the kind without a roof), because he scored a Playstation 2 for $50! Momma let him because she already knows that the word “budget” is going to disappear from her vocabulary at Knitterpalooza.

Wow — you’d think that was all we could fit into one weekend, but no, there’s more! When the Alpaca exhibit only took 15 minutes, we went across the street to the mall (here Momma laughs at the strangeness of a town that has it’s fairgrounds across the street from the Mall…) and finally, FINALLY put an end to everyone’s misery and bought the book she’s been visiting all summer at the bookstore:


It was Papa’s idea (again). He said that for the time, irritation & gas it would take us to drive home, get his book & Momma’s knitting (two things Momma & Papa are never without while my brothers play at the play area & I scoot around), that he & Momma might as well each buy a new book. From the dirty look he shot Momma, I don’t think this is the sort of book he meant. Momma’s good at ignoring those dirty looks, though.

And besides, Papa got more than just a book:

s9.jpg s8.jpg

You can have a slobbery graham cracker (I tried my first ones last week — yum!) if you can name the movie reference. Just don’t tell Momma you were only 3 in 1984; it makes her feel old!

Momma made me save her biggest purchase for last, for lots of reasons. First, because she’s kinda ashamed to admit to buying yarn from a big box store (Michaels) & that it’s 75/25 acrylic/wool, second because she’s conflicted about whether it’s going to be the right gauge, and third because even with all that conflict, she’s still excited because this is the first time she’s ever bought enough yarn at one time for a real sweater! This is the yarn to make Aunt RikkiDawn’s Starsky. Momma’s still getting up the nerve to gauge swatch for it…


Okay, now go back and look at all the pictures again (except the one of me). See that wierd mint/light green color in the background? Guess what it is — no really, guess. I’ve never seen it before this weekend, either. It’s a floor. And not just any floor, cause I have seen a few of those; it’s the floor in Momma’s craft room! She is finally cleaning up in there. She’s promising to post pictures when she’s done; although she wimped out on the before shots…some things are just too embarrassing for pictures. Like the time Momma dressed me up in girl clothes “just to see how they fit.” She is soooo gonna pay for that when I get bigger!


One thought on “Heh?

  1. I too love Midland for its dicotomies like the fairgrounds across the road from the mall. Fairgrounds was there long before the mall. I still remember when the closest Meijer was Tittabawassee and Bay in Saginaw. Shows how much the town has grown in the last 30 years.

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