From 18 to 20…

Really? I’ve been knitting these shorties forever. They need a 19 inch rise (this is, of course huge to me as my 4 year old can still wear 2T shorts…), and I was ready to call it good enough at 18 (negative ease, right?). But I persevered…and now I just measured and yea; we’re at 20 inches.

I guess on the bright side, since it’s already September, by next Spring these will still fit their intended recipient, right? Good grief.

Pics in a day or two, I promise. I just *have* to finish up these little piddly almost done projects. I am soooo wanting to cast on for a couple new ones, but I MUST be firm. lol

On the up side, I’m expecting my MBOY very soon — tomorrow, hopefully! And Knitterpalooza is Saturday. šŸ™‚ Oh, and have you all seen theFall Knitty? Let me just list the projects I want/want to knit:

Muir — so pretty. Will this be my first (finished) lace?
ROAM — This is meant for me… not sure about yarn, though — I doubt a $300 pricetag is meant for me…
cheri amour — As soon as I loose 50 lbs, (well, I’d knit it after 30 lbs lost) this is sooo mine!
mr. greenjeans — another great cardie
flower power — too cute! I know a few babies… šŸ˜‰
foliage — I totally see these on my sisters’ heads.
totally autumn — just as soon as I get the umpfh up to knit a blanket!
diamond waffle — awesome! understated but interesting — i might even be able to get dh to wear these!
back to basics — LOVE the alternative heel & instep design.
woodins — I saw the thumbnail & wasn’t excited at all. And then I saw the log — Oh, it’s soooo cool! My kids want one. My young cousin wants one. My niece(s) and nephew(s) want one. I want one! (okay, I’m the only one who’s actually seen it, but they’d want one if they knew!)

And the ones I think are really interesting, but will probably never do:

(beautiful, but a scarf on 2’s!? wow)
entwined (I might make my sis a pair of fingerless mittens lengthwise like this…)
tussie mussie (love the fit & LOVE the buttons on the sleeves; the nosegay is cute, but not “me”… maybe a cable?)
ppr (although if I made some changes I might knit it (w/o crazy color blocks & pocket) for me
percy (the lining & details make this interesting)
urchin (cute idea — great use of thick n thin, but I’m not a beret wearer & don’t know anyone who is)
cinderella (way cool construction — but I almost never knit on 2 needles (unless you count circs… šŸ˜‰ I may eventually try these, though, since they say no seaming…)
Q (this is waaaay cool! I’m still trying to see past the colors, though. They wouldn’t be my first choice & the switch from pattern to plain foot bugs me — I like patterns to continue onto the foot)
pecan pie (really cool construction/stitch, but um… no — not for me)

That leaves, what?

neiman & boxed. Neiman isn’t bad, it just isn’t my thing & I didn’t see any exciting/interesting construction methods or new stitches or anything. And Boxed. Hmmm. I’m so not thrilled with the 1st picture. It just seems incredibly unflattering on the model (ribbing starting at the nipples?!). Does anyone else want to grab it & knit another 6 inches? Still, it would probably look great on someone else, and the yarn is lovely (and it fits the ultra cool dress form well).

Overall, it’s probably my favorite issue ever! What an awesome number of knits that make you think & beautiful, functional garments. šŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “From 18 to 20…

  1. I’d need more than a blog to list the projects I want to do someday… I’d need a book!! (Of course this includes all the counted cross stitch – Teresa Wentzler, Mirabilia – all the scrapbooking, all the painting, sewing, knitting…. )

    I will probably have to wait til the kids are all grown and I’m retired though… then my eyes will probably be bad and I’ll have arthritic hands and will have to find something else to do!

  2. Hiya, I came over from a link on Kristi’s blog. I had to comment because I always love a fluffy bum, especially on a sweetie like yours! Do you sell your diapers/covers?

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