The One Where Carolynn Gorges Herself With Yarn

Oh. My. Palooza.That was a total blast! I’ll let Kristi tell the story, she has all the cool pictures. The only one I remembered to take was this one:


Gosh my baby is beautiful!

It was a beautiful day & so much fun! So many wonderful ladies & awesome knitted garments. I wanted to walk around petting people all day. Thanks to Spence being in the sling I did lots of walking around, but I tried to curtail my petting. I even got 1/2 way through a hat for him to match his Noro sweater. I finished up except for ends weaving today, but I’ll wait to show a pic until he’s awake to model it (not that he hasn’t woken up eight time in the last few hours, but we won’t talk about that now).

On to the yarn! I have never, ever bought that much yarn at one time (other than last week for RikkiDawn’s sweater — but that wasn’t as much $$, or as exciting). Not that I’m going to admit how much I spent! At least not until next week when I can add “but I didn’t spend any money this week to make up for it” while confessing to my dh.

First stop was to Threadbear. Wow. I walked in & was totally overwhelmed (in a good way). So. Much. Yarn. Gorgeous “Twisted” sock yarn spilling off a round table at the entrance, roving just beside it, awesome buttons behind it… There were walls of sock yarn. And tons of sale stuff. I bought this gorgeous kettle dyed Manos Cotton Stria (50 grams each) for $3 a skein! I grabbed up 6 of them (all they had!) to make one of the boys a sweater, then grabbed the orange one to make one for my niece & use the rusty color as an accent on hers.


And then there was the Interlacements “Tiny Toes.” I love this stuff. It has nice short color runs for youngin’s socks, so they can be a little stripe-y. That is if I don’t decide to use it for me! I only grabbed one though, so even with contrasting toe/heel/ribbing and making them anklets it might be close. I’ve been meaning to make a lil kerchief for my head/hair out of sock yarn, so maybe I’ll use this for that… Anywho, here it is (there really isn’t any black in it; it’s a really dark purple):


And then I found the perfect color Alpaca to go with the brown homespun I bought at the Artists’ Market this summer. One of the owners (I forgot his name!) helped me pick the perfect shade of blue:


After a relatively short break on one of their comfy couches & a lil “snack” for Spencer, we were on to Rae’s Yarn Boutique. I’ve, of course, been here before. She has a much smaller store, but it’s chock full of awesome yarns as well! Noro, Malbrigio, Lana Grossa (who is my new favorite “stock” sock yarn for not-to-striped-stripe-y yarn), Socks That Rock… the list is endless. She has a great book selection, too, although I try not to look too close! lol Spencer had a blast scooting around by her nifty loveseat type couches and I restrained myself and only walked out with two sock yarns:

09-16-07057-copy.jpg 09-16-07060-copy.jpg

Socks That Rock lightweight in “Metamorphic,” and Panda Cotton in “Fall Herbs” from Crystal Palace — I’m totally excited to try this stuff; it’s bamboo, cotton & elastic nylon.

Oh, and for the record; I never would have been able to restrain myself if she wasn’t so close to my sister’s house. I know I can go back (and I will; as soon as dh gives me back my debit card (haha)).

That was the end of my purchases, but not the end of the yarn! At the BBQ there was a “toss in a ball of yarn & pull one out” bag. I *almost* didn’t participate — you know how hard it is to part with any stash, right? Well let me tell you how glad I am that I went ahead and did it. I am THIS glad:


1000 yards of Bule Heron Yarns Egyptian Merc. Cotton in “Deep Copper.” Oh. Wow. I pulled it out and my jaw dropped open. I cannot tell you what was running through my head, but I was pulled out of my stupor by Amby’s “you’d better run with that; if Kristi catches you, she’s likely to fight you for it!” And run I did! Right back to my bags, where I petted it a minute then stuffed it way at the bottom. I’m not sure if I was worried Kristi would chase me down for it (wink, wink) or afraid I’d break down & give it away — I was feeling so lucky that I couldn’t possibly be that lucky; there must be some mistake, ya know? But I managed to push my overactive guilt aside & take it with me. Indeed, it rode beside me in the truck all the way home (where I could pet it). I would have turned the interior light on occasionally to look at it, but the boy was sleeping so well that I had to be content with the light near stoplights.

It was a great day, and I can’t wait to do it again (next year?).


It is probably good that it’s over, though. It threw my house into a bit of upheaval… not only did Tim have to take care of the boys all by himself (boo-hoo) the day of, I was a bit distracted the day before what with all the planning, anticipating & blog reading about it, and this happened:



I burst out laughing when I saw them (which was largely because it’s all washable — I’m no dummy), then broke out the camera. They were covered from head to toe. I won’t post the nekkid pics, though. They’re getting a bit old for that, I think.

Gaa… here it is, 1:30am and I have to prep the snack for Ian’s preschool class tomorrow — gee; wonder why I’m always tired?


8 thoughts on “The One Where Carolynn Gorges Herself With Yarn

  1. So YOU were the one you got that gorgeous skein!!!! I’d keep a tight hold on it and maybe lock your door extra tight 😉 Glad you could make it and Specer is a cutie! Almost as cute as two other little guys I know.

  2. Good thing you don’t know where I live…these 100 year old doors aren’t real secure… 😉 Now to find a worthy pattern… And your boys looked super sweet; if I hadn’t been so busy squeezin’ mine I might have gone & squeezed yours when your dh brought them out!

  3. Oh man! Looks like you had fun. Manos for $3?! I’ve always wanted to try that. Love your yarn buys and the one you pulled out of the bag is great!

    I was bummed I couldn’t be there but I did do a little yarn hop on my way back from Detroit to make up for it. Hopefully they’ll have this again next year.

    Spence IS beautiful!

  4. The little hat is just adorable. And the markers…oh yes, we have encountered this:) Most recently however, my 2 year old slathered herself in a bright pink lipstick – Dawn dishwashing liquid was the only thing that would get it off! yikes:)

  5. Jill — Thanks! The Manos is awesome, but it is the cotton, not the wool that most people talk about (I have some of that, too & it’s also awesome… 😉 — just a skein or so, though!). We’ll have to get together for a SnB sometime soon! I saw your own shopping trip…Noro…..mmmmm… lol — your cards, etc. were right next to the “till” at Threadbear!

    Stacey — my midwives made that hat; isn’t it sweet? He’s about bursting out of it, though.

    Ashley & Liz — see ya tomorrow! 🙂

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