This is a very interesting article on the intricacies of “organic” foods: Christianity Today. It seems to be a Christian POV, but more so just a common sense one. It seems like there have been plenty of things lately that are just ridiculous… Some Whole Foods Markets issues I just read about here and here. A friend of mine also had a bad experience with them where they basically bullied area distributors to stop allowing new co-ops/buying clubs to start when they (Whole Foods I mean) moved into the area (which made it necessary to buy from Whole Foods). Not cool.

And then there’s the state of Michigan’s awesome (not) idea to allow teachers/staff to carry concealed weapons IN school. Wow. What a winner that idea is. You can contact your state rep to voice your opinion. I haven’t called yet because at this point I’d just be insulting; which may feel good but probably wouldn’t be all that helpful. I can see it now…students stealing guns from teachers, staff members accidentally shooting unarmed kids; I mean come on! If things are bad enough that we need to arm the teachers with guns?! then perhaps we should do a bit of overhauling to the public school system. Just maybe? Ugh. Okay, on to something that doesn’t make my blood boil and make me want to move to the middle of no where to live in a tent.

My magic ball of yarn!! 🙂 You see here: lotsa Bluefaced Leicester Wool — some dyed by Uberknits in “Monkey Pie” and some not. The lovely Haydee also sent dye & supplies so I can dye my own (which I’ve been wanting to do!), a knit check, yummy teas, 2 ribbons, gorgeous stitch markers, nifty knitting beads from blue moon & (not pictured cause I forgot!) 5 inch size 6 wooden dpn’s (which I didn’t have, so yay!)! Thank you!!

Now for my “ugh!” knit. I am so annoyed by these shorties — or really, I’m annoyed by myself.

I mean really. If a kid has a 19 inch rise, do ya think, just maybe that she’ll need bigger than 8 inch leg cuffs? *smacks forehead* Ah well, it’s actually a pretty quick fix, then I can finish up the detailing I’m planning and ship them out. TOMORROW. Geez.

On the up side, I joined the Firestarter socks KAL, which is completely awesome! The pattern is available for free from Yarnissima!’s blog. You simply email her & request a copy. I cannot wait until her other pattern (you can see the prototype in the flicker pic’s) comes out. Super cool! lol Right now, though, I have to decide which sock yarn to use… My new Socks That Rock in Metamorphic, the old in Puck’s Mischief (2nd pic, center bottom — the cabled sock start has been frogged), or the Mountain colors (2nd pic, just above the puck’s mischief)…opinions?




2 thoughts on “Firestarters

  1. Ack! Guns in school- fabulous idea. Wanna share your tent? You can knit us all some stuff to wear. I’ll bring slings for all the babies since I counted them up last night and I’ve got 8 *bag over head*.

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