It’s ON baby.

Tim and I had a talk today…okay, I had a mini blow-up/ranting session about the state of our house & how we are consistently wasting our Saturdays by messing about on the computer & turning on the TV for the kids. It came down to him saying, as usual, “just tell me what I have to do.” This irritates me to no end — you tell children what to do; not grown adults in equal relationships. He should *want* to improve our home as he is 1/2 owner too, ya know? Well, apparently this isn’t how he works. I’m finally accepting it, so I ran off a short list for him. 15 minutes per day of cleaning up, on top of dishes (he loads/unloads the dishwasher, I do laundry — those are our only “set” jobs). And we will begin a “turn off the computer between the hours of x & x on Saturdays” schedule next week. I also told him to put up my spice rack/shelf. We’ve lived here for 2 years and I still have a stupid crate hanging from a nail (that was there when we moved in) holding a few of my spices/oils etc., and a basket of herbs taking up precious counter space. Then I got more specific; I told him to “get it done, this week!” I was being very fierce, you understand (which is quite difficult whilst laying on the bed, one breast exposed while a 6 month old crawl/cruises up and down your torso occasionally having a quick “drink”), so I was irritated when he laughed and asked “which day?” I may have yelled a bit when I answered “Tuesday!” My life is so absurd that sometimes I have to just laugh at myself; else I’d have to take a flying leap off the Tridge… which I’ve seen some less than intelligent teenaged boys do. It looked kinda freeing, actually; until I remembered the proximity to the Dow plant.

Anywho; I am sooo telling him what to do from now on. No more wishy-washy Mrs. Nice Gal; It’s ON!

On the knitting front; pics tomorrow…cause I’m lazy! I scored 2 gorgeous bulky knit tank tops in a cotton/ramie blend today at Goodwill — $1.49 each! A muted (brown tinged?) orange and a medium blue in the same “tone.” So awesome! I’m kinda crossing my fingers that it will be two strands held together when I frog them (which is quite common with machine knit sweaters)…there would be enough for a sweater for me, then! In any case, it was a great find; just sitting on the end of a rack. I had to holler up to Tim to stop swiping the debit card so I could add these on (he loves it when I do this).

I also bought the yarn for my Harvest Sock Swap. It isn’t an exciting handpainted/etsy yarn or anything, and I can’t decide if I’m okay with that. I really liked the color, though (and, to be honest, the price — 13.95). I’ll show ya’ll tomorrow and you can tell me what you think. My swap pal has LOTS of sock knitting under her belt — I’m a little bit intimidated! I’m still trying to decide on a pattern. I’m playing with the idea of doing Firestarters, but I’m not 100% sure yet; plus I’d have to decide if I was going to use the needle size the pattern calls for (I’d have to buy another set), or if I’m going to use the smaller set I’d chosen for myself… Decisions, decisions. In my blog readings I came across another mystery sock pattern. It’s being hosted by Maia, of Maia Spins. I am such a sucker for cables! Somebody stop me…I have so many things to do…

Did I tell you my baby got his 3rd tooth yesterday? He can also scoot around army crawl style and push himself into & down from a sitting position! Unfortunately he has a finely tuned paper radar that (coupled with the aforementioned scooting proficiency) has me running into the living room every minute and a half to remove slimy paper bits from his mouth. This is second only to his plastic bag radar. I’ve actually seen him spot a plastic bag (filled with something — they don’t generally float about the house empty; I’m not that bad of a housekeeper!), and scoot like a madman 1/2 way across the room for it. *sighs* This one is going to run me ragged… 😉


6 thoughts on “It’s ON baby.

  1. The mystery sock has it’s own set of problems – I’ve had to figure out a few things by myself (which isn’t bad, but keeps me on my toes) The construction is different than any sock I’ve ever done. I’ve just turned the heel and am hoping for a good fit. Might be a little questionable for a sock swap – but good for a learning experience.
    If I were you I’d go for the firestarters in Metamorphic…
    Have fun!

  2. I hear you on the men-house thing! Luckily my husband will do toliets and vaccuming and other stuff. But he is zero help when it comes to the little guy in general. You would think men you know what needs to be done as well. But I think they go back into ‘your the mom’ mode and would rather act like a kid too. Open lists and being told works wonders as long as ‘praise’ is given as well. (Like a dog or a kid) 🙂 Good Luck!

  3. I FEEL YOU! So bad, so bad. Hubby and I have those “talks” about twice a year…. I think I need to get to that stage too, where I realize that I really do need to keep on him, and then maybe things will get done…

  4. I’m with you – frustrated to tell my grown husband what to do – he says he just doesn’t “see” the mess?! What? 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you decide on for the Harvest Swap – I think I have mine sorted out too – now to start and still keep up on my own Firestarters – which may end up being for another swap:)

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