Busy, busy, busy!

I don’t actually know if I’ve been really busy or just tortured into a curled up, sobbing mess by my kids. Well not literally, but there are days… 😉 I was really happy when we were greeted with a beautiful late summer day this week (one of the last this year, I’m sure); we took full advantage:


It’s always good to get that child abuse on record early… 😉 I don’t know what my dh would have done if we’d had girls…he’s always been convinced they’re all “tea parties and teddy bears.” Silly man. Oh, here’s a pic of playgroup last week (another beautiful, end of summer day):


I told you about the yarn I found at Goodwill in the form of bulky knit cotton/ramie tanks:


I *finally* finished the shorties I was knitting for a long overdue swap, and decided to throw a lil decoration on them. I just received a message from the mom & apparently, they were a hit. Yaay!


I also finished a front-loading soaker for a friend. It’s knit in 100purewool and is amazingly buttery soft. Sorry about the uninspired pics…I always forget to use the camera during the day!


I received my knitpicks order really quickly — 3 days, maybe?


3 balls of shine sport in “grass,” to add to the other two (plus one in ‘natural’) and 3 pair of needles. 2 size 1’s, and 1 size 0’s in the new Harmony wooden needles. Where are they, you ask? Already hard at work:


I’m knitting up a bit of a swatch, just to see how the colors would run, & so far I really like it. I’m happy with it now, even though it was a few dollars less than STR, you know?  So I’m pretty sure this is what I’ll be using for the Harvest sock swap.  I’m just about positive I’ll be doing a firestarter, too.  🙂

Today, I was lucky enough to pick up my Peace Fleece. It’s gorgeous, and the colors are amazing. I’m not even sure where to start with what I bought!


And because I can’t resist… here’s Spencer at playgroup this week with his lil buddy. She’s exactly 2 weeks older than he is, and every time they see each other they start cooing & scooting towards one another — with wide open mouths! She tries to “latch on” to his bald head, and wears a face of utter contentment. Spencer just stares at her in wonder & lifts a chubby lil hand to pat her eyes, cheeks, mouth… I tried telling him he was going to end up bit twice (once in the hand & once on the head), but listening isn’t a 7 month old’s strong suit…


Oh, how could I forget this pic of my niece! She was a bit traumatized by her bath and needed a quick nursie:



7 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy!

  1. Ohh so cute! I love to see the happy little ones nursing! I so miss it with mine. Great photos of your kids enjoying the last few summer days in 2007. Looks like fun!

  2. Wow, you’ve been super busy! I really love the shorties and the embroidery. So sweet. And your yarn for the HSS is really pretty–I’ve never tried Trekking XXL before, but I’ve heard good things. Your partner will be so excited (and lucky) to get a firestarter!

  3. Love your photojournalism!!! (I’ve been reduced to a sobbing mass by my kids more than once so I’m right there with ya…)

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