Quick Saturday Post…

I’m entirely too nice; I let Tim go to a LAN (local area network) party (lots of geeky, mostly pre-pubescent boys bringing their computers to a central location, network them together & play games against one another all day), today. So I’m on my own today.

After an iffy start, we’re doing all right. The boys are busy feeding and watering their puppets:


I’ve got a mood movie in (thank goodness the boys don’t think “nursies” are for anything other than, um, nursing at this point).


I’m feelin’ the Socktopia mystery sock love, again — after weeks of almost no knitting time or “job” knitting:


I’m not feeling a lot of love for it though, because I only get to knit a stick or two at a time…mostly because of this one (please disregard unfolded laundry) :


That’s okay, though. He getting big fast, I’ll have more time soon (shhh…leave me my dreams!). He’s already big enough for the bath ring (closely guarded by mommy):


So how’s your Saturday?


6 thoughts on “Quick Saturday Post…

  1. Great pics! My Sat? busy like yours. And snuffling with fall mold allergies, ugh. Just told the kids it’s “rest” time!!! So I could check in on-line to see what’s up. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. My Saturday is meh. It kinda felt like a Sunday. I went to Meijer and used my reusable shopping bags. You should get 10% off your groceries for using the self check out. I’ll have to blog about that.

  3. My Saturday? Went to a tailgate-themed couples shower. Well, family shower. lil’ b went bonkers playing with the other kids.

    I really need to get back in my groove with my projects, just looking at the yarn in your last post made me salivate all over my keyboard.

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