Well, if you consider “finished” to be success, that is! There was definitely room for improvement, but I just kept repeating my mantra “good enough is good enough,” and I managed to finish all the costumes only 20 minutes after trick-or-treating began. 2 & 4 year olds don’t need 2 hours of TOTing, anyhow.

Without further ado:

Spencer’s hat is my absolute favorite part of all the costumes!

And just so you don’t doubt that I am, in fact, a terrible seamstress:

Maybe you can’t tell, but I just basted the zipper in, I couldn’t get my zipper-foot on the sewing machine…this is no reflection on Liz, who gave me a great quick & dirty tutorial on zippers.  I also, obviously, didn’t check to see that I was installing my skirt straight onto the bodice.  Ah well! 😉  I’m going to fix the boys’ hats (not bad for 5 minutes of work, though), and I see them being worn a lot.

What a weight off my shoulders…I’m so glad I’m finished with that sewing! 😉 I knit a few rounds on my Socktopia socks to celebrate — only 1 1/2 repeats left til the toe!

Of course, it’s a miracle that I can knit at all…being that I was KILLED today!

See that? Cozy socks, a sweet note, and ORGANIC, DAIRY FREE chocolate!! 🙂 What a way to go…seriously though, Sockwars was a blast!  And MamaSockster totally psyched me out…she emailed me yesterday & said to expect them Saturday…I was lulled into complacency, and then BANG!  With the rip of a priority envelope, it was all over!  Thanks also goes to Shannon; my original assassin.

Thanks for all the support & cheerleading, ladies!



Well, here’s where I am as of 12:30am Halloween morning.


Somebody save me from big, ugly, pink prom dresses.  I tried on the top and dh started to laugh.  “Thanks dear,” I said (while shooting daggers with my eyes).  I made a comment about looking like a cow, and he said I could wear something else.  “Thanks dear,” I said (while looking for something to throw).  Then he thought maybe a mask would help.  “Thanks dear,” I said (while testing the pointy-ness of my sewing scissors).   Lucky (for him) that he decided to go to bed without any more helpful comments.

Men.  Are they all that clueless?

Well, back to the grindstone; I still have 4 hats to sew and a quickie pants & shirt to make for Spence.  Just as soon as I figure out the easiest way to gather & sew this skirt to the dress…  IF SPENCER WOULD STAY ASLEEP FOR MORE THAN 2 MINUTES AT A TIME!!!! GRRRRRRR

It’s amazing

It’s amazing how much work you can get done when you’re avoiding doing other work. Take this week, for instance.

This week I have managed to turn the heel and knit another 3 or so repeats on my Socktopia Molly sock.

I also made some mad progress on Karen’s son’s longies.

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to pull the leg almost completely out. See that bottom, 1×1 ribbing? Looks like a ruffle, huh? Yea; these are for a BOY. We won’t comment on the fact that the inseam is supposed to be 6 inches & I didn’t even start the ribbing until almost the 7 inch mark. And I’m sure that a baby who will be learning to crawl soon will have no problem getting around in pants that have a leg cuff as wide as about 4 of his feet… version 3.0 to come next week.

On a more successful note, here’s another shot of my gorgeous baby wearing his Noro sweater & hat. Well…the hat wasn’t all that successful, but it matches (and I used up all the scrap Noro I had, so oh well!).

Aiden–and his boot–say “hi” too! Someday I’ll get my old blog content & will post all my free patterns again (although this is really just a basic bottom-up raglan — nothin’ fancy!).

One of my legitimate projects this week is the second round of Sock Wars I participated in.

The yarn was Regia cotton sockweight, so it knit up a bit thin; it’s yummy, though! I only had to knit the foot of the second (see the brown yarn where the first assassin slipped it off her needles?), but I also knit a bit more to extend the toe of the other sock. I think the original knitter/assassin (i.e. my first target), tried them on for size & probably has very slim feet, so she did the toe a little earlier than was called for. Maybe it was nothing, but it would have bothered me if I hadn’t changed it.

So did any of ya’ll catch the telltale sticker in the longies pic? I found the perfect side table for just inside my front door at Goodwill this week! Fifteen dollars! Who could pass that up? Isn’t it pretty?

I looked it all over and can’t figure out why it was at GW; it looks to be perfectly new, with no scratches, wobbles or other unsightly blemishes. Maybe someone decided it was too big, and rather than return it they donated it? Who knows; all I care about is that I finally found the size/shape table I’ve been looking for since we moved into this house 2 years ago (pardon the messy floor!)!

Aside from all the knitting & thrift store shopping, I’ve also managed to (with the help of dh, of course) keep the house picked up, cook more than usual, run extra errands, and help dh put up some shelves in the kitchen & clean & bring a playhouse toy into the house for Spencer. Gee, that is a fair amount of stuff done. Too bad I’m not so productive regularly…

So what am I avoiding? I’ll tell ya. It’s a big pile of pink fabric. I’ve been whining about it for weeks. I have to make myself an obnoxious Princess Peach costume.  I have so many reasons for disliking this project…

1. I hate doing full length dresses — I’m so sure I’m going to screw it up…

2. The pattern I’d planned to loosely base it off only goes up to size 12, and I’m probably a 14 or so.

3.  I’m a 14!  I really am not looking forward to putting my 40+ lb overweight self into a pink prom dress lookin’ thing.  Ugh.

4. I’d rather be knitting!!

So here it is, Monday morning (started this post last night, but SOMEONE decided to wake up up-teen times until I just stayed in bed…and then he still woke up CONSTANTLY), and I haven’t even started the dress.  I also have to make the Mario, Luigi & Wario hats, and the nude colored outfit for Spence.  Oh, and an angel dress for my tiny baby niece.  Hmmm…I may have to hide my knitting to discipline myself until this is done!

What are ya’ll doing for Halloween?

Who Knew

Who knew that you could put dill pickles and a glass of milk in and get something that looks (& smells!) like broccoli and feta cheese out an hour later!  The joys and mysteries of the 2 year old stomach (and thank God for the pumpkin trick-or-treat bucket that was near by).

For the record, I didn’t give him all those sour pickles on an empty stomach; he’s becoming quite self-sufficient in some very stressful ways…

I’m off to finish up my 2nd round of Sock Wars socks; I’ll post pics tomorrow once they’re safely on their way to my new target!

PS…I know my header looks heinous — it didn’t transfer well to the new template… But my MDC knits knitring button works!  I feel like such a genius!

Pardon my dust…

I’m trying to figure out how to add some %&*#% buttons to my sidebar. I swear I’m not this stupid in real life!

Anyway, I’ll fix it eventually (or bribe the dh to do it by plying him with beer & promises of lewd behavior *wink wink*).

Here’s the firestarter; based on advice from the knitalong, I’m going to put in a lifeline and knit a few more rows, but probably end up ripping back and starting the heel here — my feet really are freakishly short!

Here is my first try with Karen’s lil one’s longies:

Unfortunately, I’m a moron, so I had to rip back to the waistband, increase 12 sts., and start knitting again. Why yes, I was joining the colors/weaving in ends as I went, so yes, I do now have about 8 mini balls in my bag… lol I was going to just change the stripes to 5 rounds wide, but I decided I didn’t like all the stripes, so I just did one under the waistband and am knitting them in the light green. Of course now I wish I’d done a second, but there’s no way I’m ripping back again! On the upside, I’m able to put some short rows in the butt, so they’ll fit better. I will put a second stripe on each of the legs, though, and knit them a little long so she can fold up the cuffs and get extra length out of them.

These are the 3 measly diapers I’ve sewn for my sister. Only 30ish left!

I also knit her an acrylic soaker. It’s kinda a test thing, so I didn’t hesitate to double strand (to make it go faster & be thicker) & use ridiculously ugly old stash acrylic.

I leave you with a picture of my beautiful sleeping boys…this was taken at my sister’s house last week. When we visit, the older two sleep in their foam couch “beds,” and Spencer and I sleep on the mound of folded blankets there (usually there’s yet another fluffy blanket — it’s surprisingly comfortable!). This time they argued a bit, so I let them fall asleep on “my” bed, and Spence got shuffled over to the floor until I went to sleep & heaved everyone into their proper spots.

I forgot!

In all my bathroom adventures, I forgot to tell ya’ll about the book I visited today!  It’s HandKnit Holidays by Melanie Falick.  I almost didn’t bother grabbing it as most holiday books are kinda light on inspiration, but it was convenient.  I was more than pleasantly surprised; this book has some gorgeous stuff in it!  Pretty lace patterns, ganseys, a tank top, a yoke sweater I would wear (and not only knit, lol)… lotsa stuff.

I wonder if it will go on sale after/around Christmas?  Ah well, my birthday is coming up; maybe I’ll have a little cash to spend on it.  🙂

Okay, okay; I’ll get off the computer!  Karen; I’m 3 inches into the longies for Noah.  Pics tomorrow (probably). 😉

HSS Update & a bookstore adventure

Just a quickie; I’m still playing with goodie ideas & waiting on a little extra cash to come my way.  I suspect I’ll have my package ready by the end of the month or so.  I will hopefully finish up my “sample” sock and start the HSS one by next week.  🙂

The Bookstore.  I’ve seen hilarious threads on different sites about the bookstore & the urge to….errm….go #2.  Well, apparently my children agree.  We spent an  1 1/2 hours wandering the mall (play area, Target, potty break, lunch, then on to Barnes & Noble), and no sooner do I set everything down next to the train table, take baby out of the sling, sit down & open the knitting book I’m visiting this week, when I hear those fateful words.  “I is doing the poop dance, Mama!”

Pack up the baby, pick up the bags & run down to the bathrooms “hall,” where both boys must hit the waist bar for the drinking fountains, yell “sorry” and laugh hysterically before they will enter the bathroom.  Don’t ask me; I’m only the Mom.  To make the beginning of the bathroom experience cheerful, Aiden likes to drop his pants before entering the stall & walk with his pants around this ankles.  It was great when he started stripping in the hallway outside the bathrooms at Target earlier; but I digress.

After 10 minutes of him “doing his business” while we’re all locked in the handicap stall, I’m about to rip my hair out.  Ian has apparently learned that poop jokes are funny and keeps telling Aiden he smells like poop, has poop on him, and is poop, and I’m about to hang the kid from the coat hook.  Did I mention the conversation about not looking under stalls while others are using them?  Yea.  At least we didn’t have to have the conversation about what the other person was doing in the stall (while she was in there).  This time.

Finally, we are almost ready to leave, I’m just finishing up washing Aiden’s hands, but Ian is still being a pest, so I send him to go pee in the potty, “just in case.”  And then I hear those words again; “Mama, I have to go poop!”

“WHY, why, why, why, why, could you not tell me that while Aiden was going?!”
No answer, of course.  So I tell him to get in there and go while I finish drying Aiden’s hands, and when I finish up find him standing next to the door still, pants down, sticking his arm out to flag me down (???) because he can’t get on the toilet by himself (nevermind that he did it last week).

The next 5 minutes pass uneventfully (read: boring and stinky), then we do the whole handwashing, don’t touch anything dance before finally getting out the door.  Of course then they have to hit the bars on the water fountains, shout, laugh, and run back to the train table in the children’s section.   Once there, I (again) set everything down next to the train table, take baby out of the sling, sit down & open the knitting book, and then look up because although I don’t hear those words, I hear a tap dance on the wood floor.  “Aiden,” I speak sweetly through clenched teeth, “do you need to go pee?”

You guessed it.  Pick up, speed walk, water fountains, drop pants before entering stall, pee, yell “don’t touch anything!” (successful for once), skip handwashing, back out through door, hit water fountains, and back to train table.

Oy.  And to think I thought the lady who told me I was “so brave” to take the boys out “all by myself” while we were eating lunch was exaggerating.  I’m never leaving the house again.  Thank God the baby lost my debit card, I have an excuse to make Tim go grocery shopping (although it does make paying for lunch tricky).

I need to go and knit, now.