miss me?  It has been a crazy week!  Here it is almost Saturday again, and I’m only just now getting to post!  The joke I made last week about me being a sobbing mass…yea; that totally happened this week.  Not even sure why, really.  I mean, you could say that the gallons of water the boys dumped on the wood floor started it, and you might add that them thinking it would cheer me up if they threw balls and foam chairs at my head didn’t help, but who would have guessed that them parading around the house squealing in delight as they wore their underwear on their heads and shirts on their legs would have sent me over the edge.

Because that just made me think of my husband, who makes jokes; all. the. time.  And then I got mad that they thought they should make jokes all. the. time.  (Keep in mind that they’re only 4 1/2 and 2 1/2 here)  I totally lost it.  I decided I was a terrible mother & was raising a psychopath (the 2 year old who laughed maniacally after throwing the aforementioned foam chair as I sit on the floor screeching like a crazy woman).  There was no question.  I started yelling about how some parents spanked their kids and did they want that and why did they hate me… yea; it wasn’t pretty.  When dh got home (3 hours late because of a work emergency; those never happen — other than the 3 times this week!), I was telling him about the day, and he MADE. A. JOKE.  I was screeching & sobbing again in an instant.  Not making any sense — especially even to myself.  To my dh’s credit, he didn’t (verbally) laugh.  I’m sure his shaking shoulders were from the strain of holding me up as I sobbed on his shoulder.  No, really.

I guess we all need to get that out occasionally, huh!  The next day I decided that I was taking one of Spencer’s 30 minute naps & doing “me” stuff.  Without any guilt.  It’s my new plan.  🙂  The week has gotten better, and I’m so happy I’ve wonderful friends who visit me often.  And I’m getting some knitting done!  I just finished my first Socktopia Mystery Sock!


10-05-07017-copy.jpg  10-05-07014-copy.jpg

I love it!  Lana Grossa cotton/wool/polymide (sp?) blend.  I love that even though it’s stripy, it’s subtle & doesn’t take away from the pattern too much.  I’ve already cast on the 2nd one.

Remember the bag of sock scraps?  Well, I found it:


And the bag  behind it?  That’s a bag of MY (and dh’s) holey socks.  That’s right; I started my own bag of crummy, holey, old socks to keep for *something.*  It’s a sickness, I tell ya!  Anywho; they both went out with Monday’s garbage — along with an entire black garbage bag full of other scraps & misc. from my craft room!  Another night or two in there and I might unearth my sewing machine table.  😉

Forgive the abruptness, but I just spent an HOUR getting Spencer back to sleep — the child makes me insane some days… so I’m just going to post my last few pics without any/many witty remarks.  These were taken today after we walked Ian to school.  Aiden proclaimed himself thirsty & rounded up all the water cups laying around (perhaps I should take care of a few of these?  At least they’re just water, huh).   And this is where Spencer is living, lately; on my hip.  He’s happy enough with the set-up.  My hip & back; not so much.  I always forget to break out the sling when we’re at home.

10-05-07018-copy.jpg   10-05-07019-copy.jpg

And lastly, I dug up a few Halloween pics from 2 years ago.  Not the greatest shot, but when you have kids beggin’ to get out the door, what do  you expect?  lol

halloween-1.jpg  halloween-2.jpg

Isn’t my lil Wookie the cutest?  He refused to wear the hood, though.

Last year we were pirates, (also all mama made), and this year dh’s dream is finally coming true:  Mario Bros.  The boys will be Mario & Luigi, I have the dubious honor of being princess peach, Spence will be Toad(stool?), and dh will, of course, be the evil Wario.   Anybody have a pair of adult men’s purple overalls hangin’ around?