Best Day Ever

Well, that’s what my blog stats say.  Sock Wars topped my previous (Knitterpalooza post) top “views” day by 1.  lol  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Well, WordPress has a nifty lil feature called “blog stats” where you can view how many people viewed your page, where they clicked through from, what search engine words they typed in, what links they click on while on your page, etc.

It’s kinda interesting to see.  One day I felt all special because someone googled (or some other search engine, I suppose) “cinnamonamon.”  Last week I was slightly skeeved out because someone found me by doing a search for “prepubescent boys.”  Ewww.  Some perv looked at my knitting.  Yuck.  FTR, that’s from  my post a couple weeks ago about letting Tim go to a LAN party all day on a Saturday while I stayed home with the boys.  Today someone searched for “knitted Mario Bros Toad hat”  Tim thought that was cool.  I’ll be sewing the one I make for Spence, though.

Sewing.  Ug.  Have I mentioned I’ve lost my sewing love since I became immersed in knitting?  I’ve never been great at it; finishing work is just not my thing.  The thought of ironing fabric to make seams lie “just so” is crazy to me.  I don’t even like to iron my clothes; I usually just toss them back in the dryer for 20 minutes.  *places bag over head* I know, real energy conscious of me, huh.

Anywho, I sewed a cover & pair of fleece diaper pants for a friend today, and now I know she likes me too, because she actually accepted them — they were so terribly done!  Functional, but not attractive.  I used white thread with navy fleece, and just zig-zagged the waistband without turning it inside out; soooo lazy.  The cover looks better, but the proportions were all weird — way too big.  Oh well, better than too small, which is my usual MO.

And I’m not finished yet.  I’ve been putting off sewing my sister’s baby’s diapers for a couple months now, and I think tonight’s the night that I’m forced to “get on it.”  Baby has to be outgrowing the premie prefolds & small selection of dipes I gave her weeks ago (I think she’s almost 8 weeks now?),  so we’re right down to the line.  I’ll be going to her house Wednesday evening, so I can deliver them.

So I’m resolved.  As soon as I grab a movie to play in the craft room while sewing.  And maybe a beer — or kaluha.  I’m kinda hungry, too…


Weapon launching at 0800 (or whenever the post office opens!)



Weapon: Scar pattern size 8 socks in Lorna’s Laces Shephard Sport.  Knit on 3’s over a weekend — these went FAST!

Courtney in California; your end is near!!  Bwa-ha-ha!!

Seriously though, these were a really quick, fun & easy knit.  I’ll definitely be using this pattern again.  🙂  Especially since I finished with a few yards left over, so I have the entire second skein for me; all for me!!  lol

Thanks for all the “cheering!”  You guys rock!