I forgot!

In all my bathroom adventures, I forgot to tell ya’ll about the book I visited today!  It’s HandKnit Holidays by Melanie Falick.  I almost didn’t bother grabbing it as most holiday books are kinda light on inspiration, but it was convenient.  I was more than pleasantly surprised; this book has some gorgeous stuff in it!  Pretty lace patterns, ganseys, a tank top, a yoke sweater I would wear (and not only knit, lol)… lotsa stuff.

I wonder if it will go on sale after/around Christmas?  Ah well, my birthday is coming up; maybe I’ll have a little cash to spend on it.  🙂

Okay, okay; I’ll get off the computer!  Karen; I’m 3 inches into the longies for Noah.  Pics tomorrow (probably). 😉