Pardon my dust…

I’m trying to figure out how to add some %&*#% buttons to my sidebar. I swear I’m not this stupid in real life!

Anyway, I’ll fix it eventually (or bribe the dh to do it by plying him with beer & promises of lewd behavior *wink wink*).

Here’s the firestarter; based on advice from the knitalong, I’m going to put in a lifeline and knit a few more rows, but probably end up ripping back and starting the heel here — my feet really are freakishly short!

Here is my first try with Karen’s lil one’s longies:

Unfortunately, I’m a moron, so I had to rip back to the waistband, increase 12 sts., and start knitting again. Why yes, I was joining the colors/weaving in ends as I went, so yes, I do now have about 8 mini balls in my bag… lol I was going to just change the stripes to 5 rounds wide, but I decided I didn’t like all the stripes, so I just did one under the waistband and am knitting them in the light green. Of course now I wish I’d done a second, but there’s no way I’m ripping back again! On the upside, I’m able to put some short rows in the butt, so they’ll fit better. I will put a second stripe on each of the legs, though, and knit them a little long so she can fold up the cuffs and get extra length out of them.

These are the 3 measly diapers I’ve sewn for my sister. Only 30ish left!

I also knit her an acrylic soaker. It’s kinda a test thing, so I didn’t hesitate to double strand (to make it go faster & be thicker) & use ridiculously ugly old stash acrylic.

I leave you with a picture of my beautiful sleeping boys…this was taken at my sister’s house last week. When we visit, the older two sleep in their foam couch “beds,” and Spencer and I sleep on the mound of folded blankets there (usually there’s yet another fluffy blanket — it’s surprisingly comfortable!). This time they argued a bit, so I let them fall asleep on “my” bed, and Spence got shuffled over to the floor until I went to sleep & heaved everyone into their proper spots.