Who Knew

Who knew that you could put dill pickles and a glass of milk in and get something that looks (& smells!) like broccoli and feta cheese out an hour later!  The joys and mysteries of the 2 year old stomach (and thank God for the pumpkin trick-or-treat bucket that was near by).

For the record, I didn’t give him all those sour pickles on an empty stomach; he’s becoming quite self-sufficient in some very stressful ways…

I’m off to finish up my 2nd round of Sock Wars socks; I’ll post pics tomorrow once they’re safely on their way to my new target!

PS…I know my header looks heinous — it didn’t transfer well to the new template… But my MDC knits knitring button works!  I feel like such a genius!


5 thoughts on “Who Knew

  1. LOL! My little guy would LOVE your son’s daring diet. He’s a pico de gayo and quiche guy all the way.
    I wish I could knit socks. Admittedly, I’ve never tried… is it hard? Do they take long? I love the pair you’re working on in the previous post…

  2. Hey, I am honored to see you put me on your “blogroll”!!! Thanks. Also I am happy to see you are still “ALIVE” in SockWars. You go girl! Are you on sock 3 or 4 now????? I am glad to have “met” you, I enjoy your blog thoroughly.
    Have a good Sunday!

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