It’s amazing

It’s amazing how much work you can get done when you’re avoiding doing other work. Take this week, for instance.

This week I have managed to turn the heel and knit another 3 or so repeats on my Socktopia Molly sock.

I also made some mad progress on Karen’s son’s longies.

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to pull the leg almost completely out. See that bottom, 1×1 ribbing? Looks like a ruffle, huh? Yea; these are for a BOY. We won’t comment on the fact that the inseam is supposed to be 6 inches & I didn’t even start the ribbing until almost the 7 inch mark. And I’m sure that a baby who will be learning to crawl soon will have no problem getting around in pants that have a leg cuff as wide as about 4 of his feet… version 3.0 to come next week.

On a more successful note, here’s another shot of my gorgeous baby wearing his Noro sweater & hat. Well…the hat wasn’t all that successful, but it matches (and I used up all the scrap Noro I had, so oh well!).

Aiden–and his boot–say “hi” too! Someday I’ll get my old blog content & will post all my free patterns again (although this is really just a basic bottom-up raglan — nothin’ fancy!).

One of my legitimate projects this week is the second round of Sock Wars I participated in.

The yarn was Regia cotton sockweight, so it knit up a bit thin; it’s yummy, though! I only had to knit the foot of the second (see the brown yarn where the first assassin slipped it off her needles?), but I also knit a bit more to extend the toe of the other sock. I think the original knitter/assassin (i.e. my first target), tried them on for size & probably has very slim feet, so she did the toe a little earlier than was called for. Maybe it was nothing, but it would have bothered me if I hadn’t changed it.

So did any of ya’ll catch the telltale sticker in the longies pic? I found the perfect side table for just inside my front door at Goodwill this week! Fifteen dollars! Who could pass that up? Isn’t it pretty?

I looked it all over and can’t figure out why it was at GW; it looks to be perfectly new, with no scratches, wobbles or other unsightly blemishes. Maybe someone decided it was too big, and rather than return it they donated it? Who knows; all I care about is that I finally found the size/shape table I’ve been looking for since we moved into this house 2 years ago (pardon the messy floor!)!

Aside from all the knitting & thrift store shopping, I’ve also managed to (with the help of dh, of course) keep the house picked up, cook more than usual, run extra errands, and help dh put up some shelves in the kitchen & clean & bring a playhouse toy into the house for Spencer. Gee, that is a fair amount of stuff done. Too bad I’m not so productive regularly…

So what am I avoiding? I’ll tell ya. It’s a big pile of pink fabric. I’ve been whining about it for weeks. I have to make myself an obnoxious Princess Peach costume.  I have so many reasons for disliking this project…

1. I hate doing full length dresses — I’m so sure I’m going to screw it up…

2. The pattern I’d planned to loosely base it off only goes up to size 12, and I’m probably a 14 or so.

3.  I’m a 14!  I really am not looking forward to putting my 40+ lb overweight self into a pink prom dress lookin’ thing.  Ugh.

4. I’d rather be knitting!!

So here it is, Monday morning (started this post last night, but SOMEONE decided to wake up up-teen times until I just stayed in bed…and then he still woke up CONSTANTLY), and I haven’t even started the dress.  I also have to make the Mario, Luigi & Wario hats, and the nude colored outfit for Spence.  Oh, and an angel dress for my tiny baby niece.  Hmmm…I may have to hide my knitting to discipline myself until this is done!

What are ya’ll doing for Halloween?