Well, if you consider “finished” to be success, that is! There was definitely room for improvement, but I just kept repeating my mantra “good enough is good enough,” and I managed to finish all the costumes only 20 minutes after trick-or-treating began. 2 & 4 year olds don’t need 2 hours of TOTing, anyhow.

Without further ado:

Spencer’s hat is my absolute favorite part of all the costumes!

And just so you don’t doubt that I am, in fact, a terrible seamstress:

Maybe you can’t tell, but I just basted the zipper in, I couldn’t get my zipper-foot on the sewing machine…this is no reflection on Liz, who gave me a great quick & dirty tutorial on zippers.  I also, obviously, didn’t check to see that I was installing my skirt straight onto the bodice.  Ah well! 😉  I’m going to fix the boys’ hats (not bad for 5 minutes of work, though), and I see them being worn a lot.

What a weight off my shoulders…I’m so glad I’m finished with that sewing! 😉 I knit a few rounds on my Socktopia socks to celebrate — only 1 1/2 repeats left til the toe!

Of course, it’s a miracle that I can knit at all…being that I was KILLED today!

See that? Cozy socks, a sweet note, and ORGANIC, DAIRY FREE chocolate!! 🙂 What a way to go…seriously though, Sockwars was a blast!  And MamaSockster totally psyched me out…she emailed me yesterday & said to expect them Saturday…I was lulled into complacency, and then BANG!  With the rip of a priority envelope, it was all over!  Thanks also goes to Shannon; my original assassin.

Thanks for all the support & cheerleading, ladies!



Well, here’s where I am as of 12:30am Halloween morning.


Somebody save me from big, ugly, pink prom dresses.  I tried on the top and dh started to laugh.  “Thanks dear,” I said (while shooting daggers with my eyes).  I made a comment about looking like a cow, and he said I could wear something else.  “Thanks dear,” I said (while looking for something to throw).  Then he thought maybe a mask would help.  “Thanks dear,” I said (while testing the pointy-ness of my sewing scissors).   Lucky (for him) that he decided to go to bed without any more helpful comments.

Men.  Are they all that clueless?

Well, back to the grindstone; I still have 4 hats to sew and a quickie pants & shirt to make for Spence.  Just as soon as I figure out the easiest way to gather & sew this skirt to the dress…  IF SPENCER WOULD STAY ASLEEP FOR MORE THAN 2 MINUTES AT A TIME!!!! GRRRRRRR