Well, if you consider “finished” to be success, that is! There was definitely room for improvement, but I just kept repeating my mantra “good enough is good enough,” and I managed to finish all the costumes only 20 minutes after trick-or-treating began. 2 & 4 year olds don’t need 2 hours of TOTing, anyhow.

Without further ado:

Spencer’s hat is my absolute favorite part of all the costumes!

And just so you don’t doubt that I am, in fact, a terrible seamstress:

Maybe you can’t tell, but I just basted the zipper in, I couldn’t get my zipper-foot on the sewing machine…this is no reflection on Liz, who gave me a great quick & dirty tutorial on zippers.  I also, obviously, didn’t check to see that I was installing my skirt straight onto the bodice.  Ah well! 😉  I’m going to fix the boys’ hats (not bad for 5 minutes of work, though), and I see them being worn a lot.

What a weight off my shoulders…I’m so glad I’m finished with that sewing! 😉 I knit a few rounds on my Socktopia socks to celebrate — only 1 1/2 repeats left til the toe!

Of course, it’s a miracle that I can knit at all…being that I was KILLED today!

See that? Cozy socks, a sweet note, and ORGANIC, DAIRY FREE chocolate!! 🙂 What a way to go…seriously though, Sockwars was a blast!  And MamaSockster totally psyched me out…she emailed me yesterday & said to expect them Saturday…I was lulled into complacency, and then BANG!  With the rip of a priority envelope, it was all over!  Thanks also goes to Shannon; my original assassin.

Thanks for all the support & cheerleading, ladies!


10 thoughts on “Success!

  1. So sorry to hear of your passing :). RIP Princess Peach! You guys looked WAY too cute! I’m jealous of your costuming talents, improperly installed skirt and all. 😉

  2. Love the costumes! You all look great and you did a great job making them,,,,all that work!!!!! Hope you had fun T or Treating!
    You had a good run on the sock wars, sorry to hear of your demise, but Nice socks! I frogged mine yesterday and will re-use the yarn for something nice, I was thinking mittens? It is alpaca after all.

  3. OMG LOL!! You guys look really great! What a fun group of costumes for this year! It’s neat that your whole family gets into it. We don’t here at all! And I wish we did. I love costuming! (It was one of my very first jobs, after all!) I don’t know anything about Mario but it’s very very cute! (Crooked zipper and all!) It was my fault, though, that I forgot to tell you about matching up the waist. But, that’s hard enough to do on a non-costume dress. None of mine ever matched perfectly.

    Hope the kids weren’t too squirrely last night!

  4. OMG – your costumes are downright fabulous! I love that everyone gets in on the Halloween action. Next time I play Mario Party 8 with my daughter – I’ll be thinking of your guys – I always pick Toad – love the hat!

  5. great job on the costumes!
    your family is beautiful.
    and really….halloween isn’t meant to look perfect…..just creative…exactly what yours was!
    great socks!

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