Tell me…

…is it bad to use your 2 year old as a foot warmer at the bottom of your bed?  I mean, if they’re going to invade your space, they might as well be helpful, right?


I’m still here!

Just super busy! My birthday was last Monday, then on Tuesday I got sick. S.I.C.K.  Of course that lasted through Thanksgiving (thank God for my sister, who came over Wednesday, cleaned, grocery shopped on Thursday, prepped & cooked the turkey, made all the munchies, the potatoes, and lots of other things!). Saturday I finally felt better, so I went on a cleaning spree (not that you could tell by the state of the house now!), and I finally finished going through all the kids’ toys.

Wednesday at playgroup I am hosting a super-sneaky toy give-a-way. Dh is clearing off a space in his office for me to spread the toys out, & my playgroup cohorts are going to shop for their kids, lol.

Anywho, I’m slowly crafting things; the camera batteries are down again, so once they’re charged I’ll post a bunch of pics.

Thanks for all the support last week! Dh got his act together the next day & became human again. 😉

Oh, almost forgot a few linkies I’ve come across recently:  I stumbled upon The Island of Misfit Patterns; they were pretty funny, then there’s the  Keyboardbiologist’s Whiskers and Paw Prints sock pattern, and then there’s my favorite site for buying dh (& my brother & bil’s) Christmas gifts; ThinkGeek.  🙂

I’m just sayin…

Persons who have just spent 3 days out of state should not walk in the door & immediately spend 10 minutes commenting on what a mess the house is, make sarcastic comments, such as asking if there are “any clean sheets left,” and be generally rude when accosted with finished knitting projects.


I’m kinda bummed there was a clean sheet for him; I’ve been sleeping surrounded with children who pee at night for days, and this oh-poor-me boy might have had to brush some crushed up microwave popcorn off the spare room sheets… (why yes, my house is a bit chaotic this week…month…err…).


The Joy of Blowing Milk Bubbles…

milk bubbles

What is more fun than blowing milk bubbles for the first time? Being a kid is so cool.

I may not have a cool milk mustache, but I have made a little headway on my crafting to-do list. No FOs, but quite a few WIPs, and lots of motivation…

My HSS firestarters, attempt 1. This is why you need to pay attention to directions, not just glance at them & say “seems easy enough.” I used one strand of yarn to make the figure 8’s on my 2 needles instead of working with both the working & tail pieces. *sigh* At least I figured it out before I got too far in.

hss firestarter attempt 1 firestarter attempt 1 toe
Next is a beaded bag for my HSS pal. I’m was pretty geeked about it at first, but now I’m a bit on the fence. The chevron beaded pattern isn’t coming out quite how I wanted, but I don’t have the time (or inclination) to rip & redo. I know it’s decent, but I didn’t have “decent” in my head, ya know? Anywho, I’m pretty excited by the dense fabric the 000’s are making; it will be useful for holding things (i.e. not only decorative).

beaded pouch
I am officially 1 ball of yarn into Starsky. I ripped back to the ribbing and changed the cable pattern a bit. I made less twists in the center cable, & changed the repeats to 3 instead of the 4 that the size large in the pattern calls for. I may have to fiddle with the pattern a bit again when I do the front pieces, but it’s worth it. I’m really pleased with how it’s looking now.

starsky 2
And an up-close shot of the cable pattern (although the color went all weird on me — I’m still getting used to the lightbox my dh made me last year on my birthday).

starsky 3
In addition to doing a playgroup/local mom’s group magic ball of yarn swap, a bunch of us are doing a knit-a-long for Elliot the Dragon in the Holiday Interweave Knits magazine. We have a couple really new knitters, and I think this pattern will be perfect! One of the girls went and found all the colors from the pattern in Sugar & Cream. Me? I’m using stash…although I may need to pick up some orange for the “flames.” We’re casting on Wednesday, I can’t wait!

elliot the dragon 1
I’m not only knitting, though! I’m also working on blankets for all the kids in my family for Christmas. At this point I’m hoping to complete 9 (that includes 3 for my boys, and I do have 2 blankets already started & in a bin in my craft room). Here are some squares I’ve cut & some that I will be cutting soon:

fabric for blanket 4 fabric for blanket 3 fabric for blanket fabric for blanket 2
I’m particularly proud of the last one. Those are 3×3 pieces I cut from scraps of just about every flannel project I’ve sewn (and had scraps left from) in the last few years. I’ll do it last so I can add a few squares of all the fabrics I’m using this time. So far, I’ve only cut the 3×3’s from fabric too small for anything else (we’re talking me having a bin of scraps that are less than 5×5…lol).

The goal is to use all stash fabric. The only exception is that tiny yellow square you see in the 3rd photo. I’m going to use my Joann’s coupon to buy several yards of that color/print (it’s the same as the blue, green & purple above it), and I’ll use it as accent on that blanket & backing for a couple others (I have a flames one I forgot to photograph).

Okay, the kids are having meltdowns, so I’d better leave off bragging about my progress!

Promised pictures:

The two measly diapers I sewed for Rikki while she was here this weekend:

rikki's dipes

My finished Molly socks! These were the August Socktopia mystery socks (I know; just a bit behind, right?).

Molly socks

And the beginning of the back of Starsky:


I don’t know if you can see the “up” pointing arrow, but it’s there.  There is also a twisty cable running up the center of it…  I hope it works out okay; my sister seemed pretty happy with it!

Okay, time to buckle down.  I’m off to knit a few rows on my HSS Firestarters.  I actually ordered part of her package today; I’m so excited!


Someone take away the Halloween candy!  I cannot believe how badly I crash from the sugar…I must be getting old!  😉  Thanks for all the kind words on my family pics — I’m pretty happy with them, considering Aiden (in green) had just gotten a (kinda too short) hair cut that he HATES & was in less than a stellar mood.  I had to carry him outside w/o shoes and hold him so he didn’t take his jeans off (he wanted to wear different pants at that particular moment).  Thank goodness my Mother-in-law took the pics at her place; the whole thing was over in about 5 minutes.

Because I’m so tired, it would be entirely too much work to walk 20 feet around the corner & over to my knitting to take pics, sorry.  But I will get some up soon.  I finished my Socktopia socks (love them!), am starting my HSS partner’s Firestarter sock, and have started my sister’s Starsky sweater.  I also knit a huge swatch that took about 3/4 or a skein to decide on a pattern replacement for the banana tree pattern that my sis & I were less than thrilled with.  I finally settled on a sort of arrow thing.  Anywho, pics later.

I found another sock pattern last week: Drunken Bees.  *Sighs* I need to stop finding these things! lol

I also found a gorgeous ring inspired from Diana Gabaldon‘s awesome Outlander series.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to send Tim a link…along with my ring size.  Is that too broad of a hint, or do you think he’ll figure it out?  lol