Someone take away the Halloween candy!  I cannot believe how badly I crash from the sugar…I must be getting old!  😉  Thanks for all the kind words on my family pics — I’m pretty happy with them, considering Aiden (in green) had just gotten a (kinda too short) hair cut that he HATES & was in less than a stellar mood.  I had to carry him outside w/o shoes and hold him so he didn’t take his jeans off (he wanted to wear different pants at that particular moment).  Thank goodness my Mother-in-law took the pics at her place; the whole thing was over in about 5 minutes.

Because I’m so tired, it would be entirely too much work to walk 20 feet around the corner & over to my knitting to take pics, sorry.  But I will get some up soon.  I finished my Socktopia socks (love them!), am starting my HSS partner’s Firestarter sock, and have started my sister’s Starsky sweater.  I also knit a huge swatch that took about 3/4 or a skein to decide on a pattern replacement for the banana tree pattern that my sis & I were less than thrilled with.  I finally settled on a sort of arrow thing.  Anywho, pics later.

I found another sock pattern last week: Drunken Bees.  *Sighs* I need to stop finding these things! lol

I also found a gorgeous ring inspired from Diana Gabaldon‘s awesome Outlander series.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to send Tim a link…along with my ring size.  Is that too broad of a hint, or do you think he’ll figure it out?  lol


2 thoughts on “Yeeps!

  1. I love the family pics. What a lovely family!!!! And boy can I relate to the sugar thing. Finally on Friday I just through it all out. I have been completely useless since then, and only started to feel like myself today. Phew, at least there is light at the end of the tunnel. I feel so much better, have my energy back and my face looks healthier to! Do you think you will try the drunken bees? If so let me know…maybe we can do it together? I just have to finish a couple of christmas gifts and I’m set to go on another pair of socks (for me of course).

  2. That is a way cool pattern! Looks like something that’s right up your alley. I’ll call you tomorrow about getting together this week sometime. Then you can show me yours and I’ll show you mine. Mind out of the gutter, girl! You know I mean socks! 😀

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