The Joy of Blowing Milk Bubbles…

milk bubbles

What is more fun than blowing milk bubbles for the first time? Being a kid is so cool.

I may not have a cool milk mustache, but I have made a little headway on my crafting to-do list. No FOs, but quite a few WIPs, and lots of motivation…

My HSS firestarters, attempt 1. This is why you need to pay attention to directions, not just glance at them & say “seems easy enough.” I used one strand of yarn to make the figure 8’s on my 2 needles instead of working with both the working & tail pieces. *sigh* At least I figured it out before I got too far in.

hss firestarter attempt 1 firestarter attempt 1 toe
Next is a beaded bag for my HSS pal. I’m was pretty geeked about it at first, but now I’m a bit on the fence. The chevron beaded pattern isn’t coming out quite how I wanted, but I don’t have the time (or inclination) to rip & redo. I know it’s decent, but I didn’t have “decent” in my head, ya know? Anywho, I’m pretty excited by the dense fabric the 000’s are making; it will be useful for holding things (i.e. not only decorative).

beaded pouch
I am officially 1 ball of yarn into Starsky. I ripped back to the ribbing and changed the cable pattern a bit. I made less twists in the center cable, & changed the repeats to 3 instead of the 4 that the size large in the pattern calls for. I may have to fiddle with the pattern a bit again when I do the front pieces, but it’s worth it. I’m really pleased with how it’s looking now.

starsky 2
And an up-close shot of the cable pattern (although the color went all weird on me — I’m still getting used to the lightbox my dh made me last year on my birthday).

starsky 3
In addition to doing a playgroup/local mom’s group magic ball of yarn swap, a bunch of us are doing a knit-a-long for Elliot the Dragon in the Holiday Interweave Knits magazine. We have a couple really new knitters, and I think this pattern will be perfect! One of the girls went and found all the colors from the pattern in Sugar & Cream. Me? I’m using stash…although I may need to pick up some orange for the “flames.” We’re casting on Wednesday, I can’t wait!

elliot the dragon 1
I’m not only knitting, though! I’m also working on blankets for all the kids in my family for Christmas. At this point I’m hoping to complete 9 (that includes 3 for my boys, and I do have 2 blankets already started & in a bin in my craft room). Here are some squares I’ve cut & some that I will be cutting soon:

fabric for blanket 4 fabric for blanket 3 fabric for blanket fabric for blanket 2
I’m particularly proud of the last one. Those are 3×3 pieces I cut from scraps of just about every flannel project I’ve sewn (and had scraps left from) in the last few years. I’ll do it last so I can add a few squares of all the fabrics I’m using this time. So far, I’ve only cut the 3×3’s from fabric too small for anything else (we’re talking me having a bin of scraps that are less than 5×5…lol).

The goal is to use all stash fabric. The only exception is that tiny yellow square you see in the 3rd photo. I’m going to use my Joann’s coupon to buy several yards of that color/print (it’s the same as the blue, green & purple above it), and I’ll use it as accent on that blanket & backing for a couple others (I have a flames one I forgot to photograph).

Okay, the kids are having meltdowns, so I’d better leave off bragging about my progress!


4 thoughts on “The Joy of Blowing Milk Bubbles…

  1. 😀 Love the milk bubbles!

    I bet 000’s would make some nice, dense socks… it might take forever and a day though… especially if you knit like me.

    Why is the cat licking the inside of the Mr. Potato Head container? Hmmm….. she’s always been a little odd…

  2. Love the new banner. Nice socks! What yarn/pattern did you use? Sounds like you like to have lots of projects going too! Feels good, doesn’t it. Lots of great projects and yes, I like your Starsky improvements.

  3. Wow, you’ve got so many projects going! I’m impressed. If I don’t force myself to complete the ones on my needles before starting another, they’ll never get done! I really like the colors of your Firestarter–it will look great. It’s a bummer about the ripping, but like you said, at least you didn’t get too far into it. Your Starsky is looking great, too!

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