The HSS sock

is done!  It’s great!  Tomorrow morning it should be winging it’s way to it’s new owner!  Pics soon (no really, I promise!  For real this time!).  I’m ridiculously busy & have to go to my sis’s house (over 3 hour round trip — plus the joy of 3 boys under 5 to ride with me… lol) tomorrow to help out, so I probably won’t post til late tomorrow or on Friday.

Tell me…do I have any hope of finishing Starsky in 2 weeks?  Along with a bunch of sewing & the knitting of some squares for the charity knit blanket (and finding someone to sew them together & mail it in time for Christmas).

Oy…I’m going to bed!


One thought on “The HSS sock

  1. Even without pictures, it’s gorgeous! Seriously! If I wasn’t such a stupid and retarded knitter, I’d join a swap just in hopes to trade with you! 😀 Hope Spence let you sleep blissfully…

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