Playing Catch-up

Wow…what a crazy month, huh? I won’t even tell you how many “in my head” blog posts I made this month…you’d think I was the crazy one! Really I just bit off more than I could chew, and instead of admitting it, I kept avoiding the situation, so I got even less done than I could have.

Here’s the completed back of my sister’s Starsky:

12-16-07050 copy

I have the first of the two front panels finished too. I’m happy with it, just bummed I couldn’t finish it by Christmas. Reality (in the form of a teething, learning to walk, dairy-allergic so momma better stop caving and eating it all the time! almost 10 month old) intervened…again…and again…

When I started feeling guilty for wanting to take time to put up a Christmas tree, I knew the insanity had to stop. I quit feeling guilty & faced the fact that I wasn’t going to finish in time. If anyone could understand the constraints of motherhood, it would be my just-became-a-mother-herself sister who is the intended recipient. Sure enough, she was a bit bummed, but understood completely. She did inform me that she expected to receive it before it was too warm to wear, though. Of course since we live in Michigan, I figure I have until June, right? lol πŸ˜‰

I believe I also promised pics of my Harvest Sock Swaps — both sent & received:

The one I received:


The pattern has vanished, but I believe it’s called falling leaves (update, it’s called Yukon Leaves – thanks, Penny!)? The yarn is filaturea di crosa & is super soft & cozy! If you look between the sock & yarn you will see an awesome bar of felted soap! I haven’t tried it out yet (I don’t have anything suitable in the shower to put it on after use — it needs a tray so it doesn’t just sit in a bit of water afterwards), but I read all about making them the week/day before receiving this, so it was pretty cool. If I was to give them to non-knitters I think I’d use dyed roving, though — my dh was making “back hair” comments when I showed him, lol!

Here is the package I sent:


I themed the package after all the book titles in the Diana Gabaldon Outlander series.

An autographed copy of Outlander, stitchmarkers with amber beads & dragonflies for “Dragonfly in Amber,” A roll up needle case made of oriental inspired fabric for “Voyager” (to commemorate one of the characters), an amulet pouch — or notions holder πŸ˜‰ for “Drums of Autumn” (to commemorate a native american character), the sock done in the firestarter pattern for “The Fiery Cross” (I’m still a little bummed it didn’t work out to have these in the red Trekking XXL yarn), and lastly some bulky white/gray/silver yarn, shortbread & a Starbucks coffee package for “A Breath of Snow and Ashes” (everybody needs a warm hat & a yummy treat when it’s cold out, right?).

I was pathetically proud of myself for coming up with this idea…I hope she loves it; I haven’t heard back, yet. She’s in Canada, so I know shipping can be s-l-o-w.

Gratuitous picture of sleeping baby:


I now have a manageable list of things to do, although still way too full. I’m definitely going to be getting better at saying no (especially to myself!) in the future. The last thing I want is to be stressed by something that is supposed to be relaxing & enjoyable! In the interests of not hiding my head in the sand, here’s my present to-do list:

*finish Starsky (30% done)

*finish/start Vintage Sock Swap socks (I have the ribbing of the first one almost done –pics coming soon)

*Lacecap for (a different) sister’s birthday in March

*knit my 2nd HSS sock

*diaper soaker for a friend/customer; this needs to be done within the next few weeks — before I see her at the next LLL meeting, at least!

*fix the Scar/Sock Wars socks so they’re wearable (I need to pull out the toes & knit another inch or so to each…and maybe pull out one entirely — the difference in gauge between the 2 people who knit them is insane — like 3 different needle sizes insane!).

*knit my own firestarters (ready to turn heel on first one)

*finish the longies for my friend out of peace fleece (these are 70% done)

*frog & reknit my baby’s winter hat — I made it too small & it slides right up & off his head!

*knit myself hat, mittens & gloves; okay, somehow I don’t think I’m going to get here until spring…but I can look at the yarn to make myself feel better, right? Here, you look, too:

12-16-07028 copy

The two skeins are Mountain Colors — the mohair will be the scarf & the boucle the hat. The two balls are Kathmandu DK from the Queensland Collection — wool, silk & cashmere — yum! They will be gloves for me — maybe fingerless with a flap? We’ll see.

I also have to finish sewing a messenger bag for my sister — actually I have to attach a bunch of patches — 15, I think? They’re iron on, but I have a feeling I’m going to want to tack them on by hand as well, then just sew on a some decorative ribbon & sew in the lining & the strap.

Of course the baby is wearing through all his diapers, so I need to sew more of those (plus some for my sister’s baby in the coming months), and sew at least one of the blankets I wanted to give as Christmas presents — they’re now going to be birthday presents this year & the first birthday is in January. Of course that’s one of the blankets I haven’t cut squares for yet… lol

All right…I’m getting a bit panicky, now. Gratuitous baby in cool shirt picture:


It’s a Da*n good think he’s so cute, or I think I’d have a total mental breakdown! lol Did I tell you he had 8 teeth now? And that he’s walking?! Not even 10 months old yet & he walks! And climbs stairs, eek!

And now…he wakes… good night, all! Have a great New Year!

Okay…I’m back — I forgot my list of links I’ve come upon recently… here is a hilarious blog post where a presidential candidate gets in on the sock-holding-for-pictures game, a la the Yarn Harlot. And then there’s the amusing to read & easy to knit kitty cat pattern (warning, strong language ;)). An argyle sock class/tutorial — I have a thing for argyle socks…I think I may just bite the bullet & knit a pair that has to be -gasp- seamed. And lastly…I finally found the stocking I wanted to use as a jumping point for the family stockings that I will be knitting before next Christmas! It’s from a back issue of Interweave Knits; you’ll have to scroll down a bit, it’s called a Rustic Holiday Stocking, isn’t it awesome? Of course I will need to buy the issue, as I didn’t start collecting them until Spring ’06. Okay…back to the vintage socks — I need to have them in the mail by January 7th! Eek; wish me luck!


8 thoughts on “Playing Catch-up

  1. The pattern is called Yukon Leaves and you can find it by searching Yukon Leaves in the search bar. They now have a revised pattern. I adjusted your pattern for you. I hope you can find the pattern as on it is how I did it so you can match it. I am glad you liked the package and the socks which I hope fit.

  2. Isn’t it amazing we can have all these plans for gifts to make and not get them done. My MIL ended up helping me finish my last 2 dragons (for my nieces), I had all the knitting done just had to finish sewing them up. Boy were they cute.

  3. Ok, first- love the updated baby pics! That baby is getting so big – and WALKING?!? There’s no break in site for you anytime soon is there? πŸ™‚

    Sorry about the dairy allergy / sensitivity thing. Both of my girls had this from breast feeding and Dr. said he didn’t know if it would carry over to toddler/kid/adult hood and thankfully, it didn’t. But man, people wondered how I lost all of my ‘baby’ weight so quickly (we knew of this prob very early) and it was only because I couldn’t eat ANY dairy at ALL! No more tacos, pizzas and the other quickie dinners perfect for a new very tired mom. So yeah, that’s how I lost the weight (I used to be skinny, BTW! Way before I met you!)

    The sweater looks great! Your sister is very lucky to have this gift coming and won’t mind in the least bit that it is late once she has it to wear. Plus, Mich summer evenings usually require a sweater so there really isn’t a bad time to gift this to her.

    So happy to hear from you! BTW, I’ll be back for a day or 2 in Feb and hope to have a dinner out with friends at a restaurant that serves MEAT (the beef sucks here) I’ll let you know dates in the next few weeks and would love to see you then.

    Take care – Hope your Christmas was merry and bright!!!

  4. Wow – what a thoughtful package indeed you came up with – I do not know that book series but am curious! I love, love your Firesatrter – now you have to get one done for yourself:) (with your modifications…)

    Your little one is a doll – and I love that shirt – do thay have them in women’s medium?? I am so hooked on Guitar Hero III – I figure a gang who went as peeps from Mario Bros would know just what I mean!

    See, we may have to resort to waffles afterall!! lol!

  5. Hey! I can’t believe how busy you’ve been! Whew! Your projects are amazing.

    So little man is really and truly walking now? Wow! He’s just too cute for words. It cracks me up how much alike all your boys look. πŸ™‚

    Miss you!


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