Penny, from Penny Purls and Kitty Knits  (who sent me my excellent Harvest Sock Swap package) tagged me…
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1. I lived in Florida for 5 years and hated it.  Hated. It.  Hated the heat, the lack of seasons, the heat, the snakes, the heat, and did I mention…the heat?  I’m so happy to be back home in Michigan (although I’m not so thrilled about my toes being frozen constantly!)

2. I’m one of those crazy people who actually had fun being a waitress — I’d do it again if I had the opportunity (although owning the place would be better for me! ;)).

3. I’m the oldest of 6, plus 3 older half sisters & (at least) 1 younger one.  That I know of & not including deceased “maybe”s.  My dad was a busy man.

4. I’m actually pretty darn content with my 3 boys — especially since my sisters are/have given me some girls to knit for.

5. I have a hard time not breaking down into hysterical laughter every time this woman at ds1’s school says “wow, you make it look so easy” as we walk him to his classroom. Someday I’m going to take a picture of the interior of my house…then she won’t say that anymore.

6. I learned to knit from a book.  But first I tried to learn to crochet from a book.  When that didn’t work I said to myself “if you can crochet, you can knit!” and bought a learn to knit book.  Nevermind that I couldn’t crochet.  And then I learned “wrong.”  I knit a weird sort of throwing continental way.

7. I might as well admit it here.  I am totally planning to cheat on my socks from stash KAL.  I’m absolutely going to choose which yarn I want to knit with instead of being random about it.  There.  I admitted it.

Now, I have no idea who I’m going to tag.  As fun as these are, I know some people get them sent to them way too often.  So I’ll choose a few people, then ya’ll have to volunteer if you want to do this! 🙂


Pick your Presidential candidate quiz

Interesting…I’m not sure I’m 100% in agreement, but it does seem to make my party choice clear, huh? lol

79% John Edwards
77% Barack Obama
76% Hillary Clinton
73% Mike Gravel
72% Chris Dodd
71% Dennis Kucinich
70% Joe Biden
64% Bill Richardson
47% John McCain
41% Rudy Giuliani
38% Mike Huckabee
34% Mitt Romney
33% Tom Tancredo
30% Ron Paul
24% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

My poor Mom…she shakes her head & wonders where she went wrong… 😉

I present to you…

two finished objects!!

First up is the (2 weeks) overdue Vintage Socks Swap socks.

Fancy silk sock 3

Pattern:  From Nancy Bush’s Knitting Vintage Socks book, the Fancy Silk Sock

Yarn:   Schoeller + Stahl Fortissima Socka

Needles: old metal 1 1/2 dpn’s

Mods: added 1 eight stitch repeat to make sure it wasn’t too tight.

Thoughts: I love this pattern!  I would swear it’s actually faster than stockinette & after the first repeat or so I didn’t need the pattern as it was easy to “read” where you were.  I would really like to do this in a silk sock yarn — or at least something with some shine; the pattern would really *pop.*  (smacks forehead) So that’s why they called it fancy silk sock, huh?  lol

I packed my pal’s box full of cute things I hope she’ll love & made her the stitchmarkers & this little sock knitting bag:

sock knitting bag

I also finished up a diaper soaker for a friend of mine… the picture is horrid — the colors are really deep reds all the way to light burgandy/pinks.  I’ll try to get a better pic tomorrow, but I don’t know if I’ll get a chance.

Pull on diaper cover

Pattern: based loosely on Punk Rock Soaker

Yarn: suspected 100purewool or Malbrigio

Needles: 3’s for waistband, 5’s for body & leg cuffs; bamboo dpns

Mods: changed stitch count, length, added short rows… it’s a pretty morphed pattern

Thoughts: love, love LOVE the wool — I was so happy to get to knit with this since I’d traded it away to her…

I also managed (for the first time in 2? years) to not only make birthday invitations, but also to send them!  Here’s the pic that went on the front of the invite:


Pardon the red-eye…I was too lazy to photoshop it out!

Linkie love

Just a quick post as I’ve got to spend some time with my discarded love…my sewing machine… lol.

I found a couple interesting articles recently. One is a blogpost regarding food coloring (did you know it was a petroleum product?! Eww). I’m definitely going to be putting my hands on some alternative food coloring for when I make birthday cakes & such. Thankfully we don’t eat a lot of packaged foods (well, relatively speaking), and when we do they’re (as often as I can afford it) organic.

The other is a news article on kids being, basically, micromanaged when they’re young. I can’t say I agree 100% with the author, but I was definitely nodding my head in the affirmative through most of the read. I am aware that a lot of this is variable depending on what sort of neighborhood & town you live in. What do ya’ll think?

The best link of all, though, is one of all (I think!) of my FO pics!! My old blog was hosted on dh’s computer — well his “file server” computer, anyhow. Several months ago, it died. He says there is some hope of salvaging more off it, but it will take much work — not the happy kind, either — the swearing & kicking kind. Anyhow, he somehow found where all (actually I have realized it isn’t all, but it is MANY) of my blog pics were stored, so I’ve uploaded the FO pics to flickr. I’ll get them posted on ravelry soon, but for now I thought I’d link ya’ll over. 🙂 Can you tell I’m stoked?? lol

Wish me much sewing mojo!! I have 2 project bags to sew, plus a whole slew of other projects. I also need to figure out some pirate themed goodies for ds1’s upcoming 5th birthday party! Suggestions welcome! 🙂

more Noro love

I know, I know, I left you all hanging with the whole “tomorrow’s post” comment, and then didn’t come back for 3 days. Sorry ’bout that! The truth is, my ridiculously optimistic self thought I could finish the VSS socks and get a couple inches of my Noro swatch done before I came back to tell you all about it. I forced myself to face the reality though — my gorgeous little goobers intervened, so my knitting time has been a bit sparse (well…that and my messed up priorities about occasionally clearing a path through the toys when I could be knitting… 😉 ). At the end of the weekend my VSS socks are 2 1/2 repeats & a toe from being finished, and I only have about an inch and a half of the swatch knit.

So without further ado:

Noro Kureyon Sock yarn 2

It’s beautiful. Although it isn’t soft in a merino sort of way, it is cushy knitted up on 0’s. As you can see, I cast on 76ish sts., and did several rows of ribbing just to keep it from rolling. There are slubby bits here and there, but I love how it adds to the natural feel of it. I haven’t found any VM in it yet, but I’m not that far in. The yarn does tend to tangle on itself while I’m tugging it out of the center (check out the tiny white stringy things in the 2nd pic — that’s what’s sticking together & causing the problems — is it the nylon?) — this skein may be a candidate for gently rewinding if I buy a ball winder any time soon.

Other than the tangling issue, I’m in love. I’m so in love that I’m doing crazy things. Like spending half an hour making a matching stitch marker (which came out entirely too big) because I couldn’t bear to use the one that I’d started with…

Noro sock

Could you? The color & style of the beads were totally wrong!

This is much better:


Don’t worry, my dh & my friends have already set up an appointment for me with the nearest therapist…

I also had to find the appropriate bag:

noro sock & bag

My awesome MIL (mother-in-law) gave this LL Bean bag to me at Christmas & I really like it. It’s great for this project — just a little rugged. Adding a liner to it is on the do-do list, then it will be a perfect knitting bag (and a girl can never have too many knitting bags, right?). I know this isn’t crazy though. Because it’s just like the Yarn Harlot choosing her knitting needles to match her yarn.


Unfortunately there is one other thing this swatch has done to me.

It’s made me want to knit an entire tunic from it.

At this weight.

On these needles.

Clearly I’ve lost it.

I even started estimating how much yarn it would take (1 1/2 to 2 skeins per sleeve, 4-5 sleeves worth of yarn for the body); about 14 skeins? At $17/skein that’s only $240. Totally doable, right? I mean, I’d have to save my “me” money for a few (two or three) months, or use all my portion of the tax refund money, but that’s okay!

After all, it would be the perfect top. And it would only take…eeehhh.. 2 or 3 years to knit it. lol Seriously though, the fabric this is creating reminds me of the linen tunics that were worn in medieval times — think A Knight’s Tale (’cause that movie totally went for authentic all the way through! lol).

Humpfh. I’ve just spent an hour trying but, I can’t explain it well, I guess. Suffice to say that every time I knit on this I “see” it as the beginning of a sleeve. Why do the impossible projects always call us? Maybe someday I’ll buy a knitting machine (or rent one??) and make my dream tunic…until then maybe I’ll check out the sport weight Noro selection…

The Scarf

If you’re a Dr. Who fan, then you know the scarf of which I speak. It is the epitome of Dr. Who fan knitting.

I am not a Dr. Who fan — well, not that I might not become one someday, but at this point I haven’t watched it. My Uncle, however, is a huge fan. As fate would have it, I drew his name for Christmas ’08. Can you guess what I’m planning to knit for him?

I know, whoop-de-doo; a scarf, right? Especially when I tell you it’s all in garter stitch — or stockinette in the round. I could add some points by telling you it’s supposed to be knit in sport/dk weight, right? And there are stripes — in varying lengths & seven colors! But the thing that takes the cake — what makes it such a knitting feat…well… this scarf is 10-20 feet long! Depending on the season you knit it from (season 12, 15, 16, or 18) it can be as small as a loop around your neck with both ends touching the ground, to a loop that almost touches the ground AND touches the ground on each side!

You Can Bring Your Dog has my favorite picture of a finished scarf. What seems to be the most popular pattern is on the Dr. Who Scarf site, and here is the Who Knits ravelry group with all things Dr. Who knitted. There’s also a pattern book for Dr. Who items; and lots of other Dr. Who accessories, books, clothing, etc. at Who North America.

I believe I’m going to do one of the longer ones (but not the longest one!); my Uncle is a shorty, so I’m sure it will be big enough!
Tomorrow’s post…my love of Noro!

My secret Skein…

lol…I guess it isn’t the most exciting thing ever, but *I* am really excited about it! It’s the new Noro Sock Yarn!! 🙂 I absolutely *love* the colorway.

Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn

It’s color #149 and I bought it at Little Knits (GREAT prices & decently fast shipping, as well!). It has a thick & thin quality to it and isn’t merino soft, really, but not rough, either. Kinda reminds me of the first Opal sock yarn I ever knit with, although that was primarily cotton, and this is a 70/30 wool/nylon blend. Unfortunately it says handwash only, although I read a review where someone knit it at a tight gauge (I intend to use my 0’s) and was able to machine wash it gently, so here’s hoping.

Of course who can place an order online and only buy one thing? These made their way to from rainy Seattle to rainy Michigan as well:

Noro Kochoran

Noro Kochoran color #1. I had forgotten how much purple was in this colorway. I like it, but I’m not in love with it the way I am with their #10 (the one I knit Spencer’s sweater with so long ago). I know I’ll enjoy every minute of knitting with it, though. Perhaps for another mama who wanted to commission me to make a sweater for her baby…? If you have never fondled this particular Noro, you must do so! I could never understand why people thought Noro was rough because Kochoran was all I’d ever handled. This stuff is a 50/30/20 blend of wool, angora & silk. YUM. Of course the colors & long stripes are just as wonderful as you’d expect from Noro. 🙂

Because Jill is such a wonderful person, I am now the proud owner of some beautifully simple knitting themed stationary cards & gift tags.

Knitterella notecards & gift tags

She called them belated Christmas presents and handed them out to every person at our knit night — so sweet! I had a great time getting to chat with her (the first time since I really started “getting to know her” by reading & commenting on her blog, etc.), and seeing a few of the other ladies I used to knit with at the knit nights at our old LYS. Of course I also met some new ladies whom I hope to get to know better as I attend more often (Spencer’s teeth permitting, lol). They seem to have a great sense of humor — one of the ladies… Teresa, I think, insisted Jill autograph her Knitscene magazine as her notecards & gift tags were featured in one of their articles. You should have seen Jill blush! 😉 Sorry, couldn’t resist… lol

I finally had a chance to photograph the 1st of the VSS socks…although they aren’t photographed very well! The color is very washed out, but the pattern shows up pretty well. Please disregard the wierd toe — my toe ends where the “toe” of the sock begins.  I’m about 2 repeats into it’s mate & think I can realistically expect to mail them by Friday.

Fancy silk sock 3

Lest you believe I’ve already forgotten yesterday’s post, I am happy to report that I successfully structured my day today so that I could get a little laundry done (dh will actually have a clean and dry work shirt tomorrow), tidy the living room & see that yesterday’s changes are good (although they will probably be tweaked further), and cook a decent & yummy dinner (that everyone except the baby enjoyed…baby’s a little too young for chili!). The curtain didn’t get hung up, but you can’t expect miracles, after all. Especially when I have this little rug rat working against me:


Is that an M&M on my floor? *sigh*

lol At least Spence didn’t discover it & eat it! 😉

And just because I can’t resist, here are a few more baby shots – Spencer with his cousin Haley Dawn:

01-08-08004-copy.jpg 01-08-08009-copy.jpg

01-08-08007-copy.jpg 01-08-08006-copy.jpg

They’re going to be great friends, I can just tell!