My dilemma…


You may recall these socks from Sock Wars a couple months ago. I didn’t really make a point to photograph them carefully because they are, unfortunately, too small. As in the entire heel flap of one sock is under my heel, too small. Thankfully, the woman who finished knitting the second sock was kind enough to send the extra yarn on to me to fix them. Today a second problem appeared, though. While showing my friend my crack KnitPicks catalog, I realized that the yarn used for these socks is KnitPicks Felici, which is a sock/fingering weight of yarn. The Scar pattern used in Sock Wars called for size 3 needles, and sport weight yarn (although for fear of miscommunication she only told us the yarn she used — Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, I believe — and her gauge). So what I suspected to be a bit of a loose knit, I can no longer deny is a really loose knit sock.

I’m hard on socks, I know I am. I’m trying to do better — wearing slippers with them & using good quality yarn & a tight knit, etc. So what do I do? Do I just lengthen both of them & expect them to wear out in a month? Do I frog them completely, buy another skein & reknit them into something else? Opinions?

I’m sure it’s the sleep deprivation talking, but at this point I’m pretty sure I won’t bother with Sock Wars III. The number of people who knit the pattern incorrectly, didn’t send their unfinished socks on quickly & used the wrong yarn almost seemed to outnumber the others. We’ll see. I suspect it’s kinda like me & sock clubs. I have a *somewhat* 😉 limited budget, so I keep deciding in the end to buy what I know I’ll love & forgo the excitement & surprise of the clubs.


Here, look at a cute baby pic (cute baby who is sleeping like your average baby now & not waking up every 15 minutes like he did last night — thank you God!). 😉


G’Night! Oh — Happy New Year!!


3 thoughts on “My dilemma…

  1. What a sweet boy!! The sock dilemma, hmmm, this is a hard one for me to do personally…but if you really think you are going to wear them out in a month – frog them babies and be done with it:)

  2. Sorry about the socks. Sounds like the club is a fun idea but I don’t think I’d join the next one if you aren’t getting good quality stuff in return. That would just be too frustrating to me.

    Love that baby smile!

    Happy new year to your family!

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