Good things come in 3’s? 🙂

My Harvest Sock Swap partner‘s package finally showed up at her place! I’ve been crossing everything I could that it didn’t get lost in the mail since I (foolishly) opted to not get insurance (during the Christmas mail frenzy & with it traveling to Canada!). I’ll post a linky to her blog tomorrow, but she emailed me to tell me how much she loved it. She’s so sweet — it was like I got a gift back to “hear” how excited she was.

I finished my first Vintage sock swap sock — it is beautiful! I am sooo making this sock for myself (minus the extra inch & a half of foot, lol). I’m told the yarn will *probably* feel much softer after being washed. I can’t imagine that the sock yarn would still be being made if it stayed this scratchy, so I’m choosing to be optimistic about it. 🙂

My sister is here (with husband & baby) for the weekend! 🙂 Dh & I may even sneak out to see the new National Treasure movie without any of the kids… that would be one of the longest times I’d ever been away from Spencer, I think!  Well…no trip to see National Treasure this week, we stayed up too late last night hanging out, & ended up sleeping 1/2 the day away (I can’t say snuggling with my sweet baby for a long nap was a bad way to spend 2 1/2 hours, though!) — I think I’ll hit up my buddy for some babysitting next weekend, though.  I really do want to see that movie & go “out” with my hubby!

Regarding the sock wars sock…I’m pretty sure I’ll be ripping it — I don’t want to waste such soft & cozy yarn. Thanks for ya’lls input!


4 thoughts on “Yaay!

  1. So glad your Harvest Package arrived safe and sound. I would have cried for you if that Firestarter had been lost! I haven’t heard from the person who is sending to me – I think I may be out of luck:(

    Enjoy the weekend and enjoy the movie if you get to it. I think I am seeing Juno tonight! yay!

  2. May I someday be able to knit socks worth a darn! 🙂 I am so stressed about my pattern… Do you know if the yarn tightens after you wash/block it? I’m knitting on size 4 DPNs (like the LYS owner told me to) but I’m having doubts… It looks nice enough, but a hair loose…

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