The Scarf

If you’re a Dr. Who fan, then you know the scarf of which I speak. It is the epitome of Dr. Who fan knitting.

I am not a Dr. Who fan — well, not that I might not become one someday, but at this point I haven’t watched it. My Uncle, however, is a huge fan. As fate would have it, I drew his name for Christmas ’08. Can you guess what I’m planning to knit for him?

I know, whoop-de-doo; a scarf, right? Especially when I tell you it’s all in garter stitch — or stockinette in the round. I could add some points by telling you it’s supposed to be knit in sport/dk weight, right? And there are stripes — in varying lengths & seven colors! But the thing that takes the cake — what makes it such a knitting feat…well… this scarf is 10-20 feet long! Depending on the season you knit it from (season 12, 15, 16, or 18) it can be as small as a loop around your neck with both ends touching the ground, to a loop that almost touches the ground AND touches the ground on each side!

You Can Bring Your Dog has my favorite picture of a finished scarf. What seems to be the most popular pattern is on the Dr. Who Scarf site, and here is the Who Knits ravelry group with all things Dr. Who knitted. There’s also a pattern book for Dr. Who items; and lots of other Dr. Who accessories, books, clothing, etc. at Who North America.

I believe I’m going to do one of the longer ones (but not the longest one!); my Uncle is a shorty, so I’m sure it will be big enough!
Tomorrow’s post…my love of Noro!


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