more Noro love

I know, I know, I left you all hanging with the whole “tomorrow’s post” comment, and then didn’t come back for 3 days. Sorry ’bout that! The truth is, my ridiculously optimistic self thought I could finish the VSS socks and get a couple inches of my Noro swatch done before I came back to tell you all about it. I forced myself to face the reality though — my gorgeous little goobers intervened, so my knitting time has been a bit sparse (well…that and my messed up priorities about occasionally clearing a path through the toys when I could be knitting… 😉 ). At the end of the weekend my VSS socks are 2 1/2 repeats & a toe from being finished, and I only have about an inch and a half of the swatch knit.

So without further ado:

Noro Kureyon Sock yarn 2

It’s beautiful. Although it isn’t soft in a merino sort of way, it is cushy knitted up on 0’s. As you can see, I cast on 76ish sts., and did several rows of ribbing just to keep it from rolling. There are slubby bits here and there, but I love how it adds to the natural feel of it. I haven’t found any VM in it yet, but I’m not that far in. The yarn does tend to tangle on itself while I’m tugging it out of the center (check out the tiny white stringy things in the 2nd pic — that’s what’s sticking together & causing the problems — is it the nylon?) — this skein may be a candidate for gently rewinding if I buy a ball winder any time soon.

Other than the tangling issue, I’m in love. I’m so in love that I’m doing crazy things. Like spending half an hour making a matching stitch marker (which came out entirely too big) because I couldn’t bear to use the one that I’d started with…

Noro sock

Could you? The color & style of the beads were totally wrong!

This is much better:


Don’t worry, my dh & my friends have already set up an appointment for me with the nearest therapist…

I also had to find the appropriate bag:

noro sock & bag

My awesome MIL (mother-in-law) gave this LL Bean bag to me at Christmas & I really like it. It’s great for this project — just a little rugged. Adding a liner to it is on the do-do list, then it will be a perfect knitting bag (and a girl can never have too many knitting bags, right?). I know this isn’t crazy though. Because it’s just like the Yarn Harlot choosing her knitting needles to match her yarn.


Unfortunately there is one other thing this swatch has done to me.

It’s made me want to knit an entire tunic from it.

At this weight.

On these needles.

Clearly I’ve lost it.

I even started estimating how much yarn it would take (1 1/2 to 2 skeins per sleeve, 4-5 sleeves worth of yarn for the body); about 14 skeins? At $17/skein that’s only $240. Totally doable, right? I mean, I’d have to save my “me” money for a few (two or three) months, or use all my portion of the tax refund money, but that’s okay!

After all, it would be the perfect top. And it would only take…eeehhh.. 2 or 3 years to knit it. lol Seriously though, the fabric this is creating reminds me of the linen tunics that were worn in medieval times — think A Knight’s Tale (’cause that movie totally went for authentic all the way through! lol).

Humpfh. I’ve just spent an hour trying but, I can’t explain it well, I guess. Suffice to say that every time I knit on this I “see” it as the beginning of a sleeve. Why do the impossible projects always call us? Maybe someday I’ll buy a knitting machine (or rent one??) and make my dream tunic…until then maybe I’ll check out the sport weight Noro selection…


5 thoughts on “more Noro love

  1. That is so pretty! I am not going to buy myself any though until you wash yours! It’s a little too scratchy as it’s coming off the skein…

    So you better hurry up and finish a sock so you can wash it so I can buy some yarn! LOL

  2. Mmmmm yummy! But as you say , it may stay on your do-do list for a long time. I started a small guage sweater and just can’t seem to get back to it……. daunting. I like the bag! Lined or not it’s a great wip bag!

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