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Just a quick post as I’ve got to spend some time with my discarded love…my sewing machine… lol.

I found a couple interesting articles recently. One is a blogpost regarding food coloring (did you know it was a petroleum product?! Eww). I’m definitely going to be putting my hands on some alternative food coloring for when I make birthday cakes & such. Thankfully we don’t eat a lot of packaged foods (well, relatively speaking), and when we do they’re (as often as I can afford it) organic.

The other is a news article on kids being, basically, micromanaged when they’re young. I can’t say I agree 100% with the author, but I was definitely nodding my head in the affirmative through most of the read. I am aware that a lot of this is variable depending on what sort of neighborhood & town you live in. What do ya’ll think?

The best link of all, though, is one of all (I think!) of my FO pics!! My old blog was hosted on dh’s computer — well his “file server” computer, anyhow. Several months ago, it died. He says there is some hope of salvaging more off it, but it will take much work — not the happy kind, either — the swearing & kicking kind. Anyhow, he somehow found where all (actually I have realized it isn’t all, but it is MANY) of my blog pics were stored, so I’ve uploaded the FO pics to flickr. I’ll get them posted on ravelry soon, but for now I thought I’d link ya’ll over. 🙂 Can you tell I’m stoked?? lol

Wish me much sewing mojo!! I have 2 project bags to sew, plus a whole slew of other projects. I also need to figure out some pirate themed goodies for ds1’s upcoming 5th birthday party! Suggestions welcome! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Linkie love

  1. I’m a relatively new mom and as one of the first of my friends to have kids, this was a rude awakening for me. I can’t get over how early it starts. I took my 17 m/o baby to a community toddler gym last week and she kept toddling up to kids to hand them her ball but they were all playing with their moms. On the toddler play equipment. It was so sad because none of the kids were playing with each other – the moms were just on top of the kids! *sigh*

  2. Great links! – and my 2 cents 😉

    Years ago I heard a child Dr. (can’t remember who or where now) say the “Best thing we can do for our children is to tell the to Go Outside and PLAY!” Amen to that! Yes my kids have a Playstation and Nintendo DS and all of that fun stuff but their usage is VERY limited and with school, homework and playtime hours are limited during the school year (only so many hours in day) they are not allowed to use any of this stuff during the week. They will occasionally have a computer homework assignment and they can do a quick e-mail check but that’s it.

    And I’m always amazed at what they do to fill their time, time that they had requested to spend on some electronic device! They build things, create new games, put on little plays and music shows, ride bikes, have snowballs fights…the list goes on! These are the things I remember from my childhood, I hate to think of them reminissingg about Pokemon.

    About the food dyes – red has been known to be the worst for a long time (wasn’t it pulled for a while 10 – 15 yrs ago?? Maybe not.) It isn’t used over here at all. My kids don’t eat a ton of junk food but the first time they were treated to a bag of M&M’s over here we all got a good chuckle. The ‘red’ ones look dark pink. Girls wanted to know what happened to them and when I explained it they thought it was sort of cute. And, they will melt in your hands if you hold them for a minute! Wonder what that’s all about?

    So happy you have found some of your pictures. I’m off to look at more now!


  3. (the company I work for) has some great pirate themed invites – let me know if you need help with invitations – I’d be glad too!

    I’m excited to see your sewing projects!

    I did not know that about food dyes – yuck. I used some green dye for cookie icing every Christmas – I don’t think I will anymore.

  4. Excellent articles. Thankyou for sharing! I must say I knew food coloring IS derived from petroleum, but had become slack recently. this post could not have come at a better time. My daughter was having a “no reason” major temper tantrum this morning, and I looked at her face and she does not look “well”, this reminded me I need to get back to paying attention to what they eat! It really does make a difference!

    And regarding the over protected children, you are right. I have been sending my girls out for a year now saying “go see if so-and-so wants to come out and play”. And they do. but boy do I get the “looks” from the neighbors parents! (glad I can’t hear the gossip) But I still think I am right. I can only arm them with good information and then let them lead their own lives. How else do they learn to be independant and hopefully leaders!

    Finally, congrats on your FO photos!!! I’d hate to loose mine too. They have memories like any other photo!

  5. I think that’s why I like having 4 kids so much – they actually know how to play with each other. They hardly watch tv which is so nice.

    I’m glad you were able to get your pics back!

  6. oh, i so loved reading the articles you linked!!!
    especially the one about the children. i think it is such a catch 22 in this day and age in regards to safety. i can so see how some parents can be so protective.
    i grew up playing outside for morning until dark. i always feel kids have too much “other” stuff to do than to just be kids.

    your fo are all beautiful! so glad you found them!!!!

  7. When Aria was younger she would just flip out when she ate red dye, like become a wild child. My mom forgot and fed her gummy bears the day I went into labor with Elijah. When we called her at 1am she thought it was because Aria was still flipping out! A couple weeks ago, Elijah started a new asthma medication. When I gave it to him, he broke out into hives about 10 min. later. Come to find out, it was the red dye in it. It was just a tiny little chewable pill! Now he is on the same medication, but a powder and doesn’t have any of the junk in it. Birthday cakes are the hardest. I have used cherry juice concentrate, beet powder, charcoal (don’t tell), and a powdered green drink mix, but it isn’t that same nice dark variety of colors.

  8. I know they say Red Dye #40 is a huge culprit for temper tantrums. I didn’t believe it myself (I hate to buy into health fads) and never really considered what I was feeding lil b.

    Turns out, for all the processed foods I serve him (I’m a lousy cook, so he just loves his Chef Boyardee) I do not typically serve him Red Dye #40, just coincidentially. So I thought, hmmm, is he just a good kid, or is he good IN PART because I don’t serve food dyes?

    A little experiment was in order.

    So for our Cinco de Mayo party, I made the kids strawberry funfetti cupcakes with strawberry icing. (Both made with Red Dye #40). Now, I know that many would decry the sugar, but my kid eats cookies, so I know “sugar high” lil b. This was NOT sugar high. For the next two days, he was a wretch to be around. Fussing, whining, ill-tempered… just not himself. Sure enough, after those cupcakes made their way out of his system he was back to peachy. And likewise, my unwitting subjects (lil b’s friends) had the same results.

    No more Red Dye #40 in our house. Not that it changes much, but the next time I want to make strawberry cupcakes, we’re baking the real deal.

    Aside from that anecdote… 🙂

    I actually struggle with trying to teach lil b too much too soon. I know, in my heart, that he gets all the education he needs just being left alone with a box and a sheet. But there is this nagging fear, and I think every mother feels it, that if I don’t push *just a little* he will be behind as early as kindergarten. I don’t want to be responsible for that. I try to just do the things I love to do with him, like playing with play-doh or reading Dr. Suess, and tell myself that he’s “playing.” But that worrier in me feels the need to make it educational. “What color is the play-doh? Can you say pink? How does it feel in your hands? Can you make a ball? Do you feel happy or sad playing with the pink play-doh?” then I hate myself for limiting his imagination.

    I’m pretty sure no matter what I do, he’ll be in therapy at some point blaming me for not doing something else.

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