I present to you…

two finished objects!!

First up is the (2 weeks) overdue Vintage Socks Swap socks.

Fancy silk sock 3

Pattern:  From Nancy Bush’s Knitting Vintage Socks book, the Fancy Silk Sock

Yarn:   Schoeller + Stahl Fortissima Socka

Needles: old metal 1 1/2 dpn’s

Mods: added 1 eight stitch repeat to make sure it wasn’t too tight.

Thoughts: I love this pattern!  I would swear it’s actually faster than stockinette & after the first repeat or so I didn’t need the pattern as it was easy to “read” where you were.  I would really like to do this in a silk sock yarn — or at least something with some shine; the pattern would really *pop.*  (smacks forehead) So that’s why they called it fancy silk sock, huh?  lol

I packed my pal’s box full of cute things I hope she’ll love & made her the stitchmarkers & this little sock knitting bag:

sock knitting bag

I also finished up a diaper soaker for a friend of mine… the picture is horrid — the colors are really deep reds all the way to light burgandy/pinks.  I’ll try to get a better pic tomorrow, but I don’t know if I’ll get a chance.

Pull on diaper cover

Pattern: based loosely on Punk Rock Soaker

Yarn: suspected 100purewool or Malbrigio

Needles: 3’s for waistband, 5’s for body & leg cuffs; bamboo dpns

Mods: changed stitch count, length, added short rows… it’s a pretty morphed pattern

Thoughts: love, love LOVE the wool — I was so happy to get to knit with this since I’d traded it away to her…

I also managed (for the first time in 2? years) to not only make birthday invitations, but also to send them!  Here’s the pic that went on the front of the invite:


Pardon the red-eye…I was too lazy to photoshop it out!


9 thoughts on “I present to you…

  1. I love those socks and would so love to get that book also. I have the traveling one. Your sock bag also looks great. I don’t remember hearing about that swap. I must get more on the ball.
    AND AND You have been tagged with tell the 7 facts MEME. See my blog for more information.

  2. Ha! Funny. I just posted pirate pictures on my blog! It must be pirate week! Very nice diaper cover too. I want to come get it. Audra has had a 102 temp though. Waaaaah!

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