R.I.P. …but not rriiiiipp…


Rest In Peace, little #2 Brittany.

I am sorry for using my knitting bag as a purse, then stuffing it carelessly into the diaper bag.  It wasn’t because I did not care for you…you were actually very special to me.  I will remember you always; especially when I’m turning the heel on a sock as you are particularly handy then.


5 thoughts on “R.I.P. …but not rriiiiipp…

  1. They will replace them? Wow! I have broken several (of almost every brand) because I am such a tight knitter and then that whole knitting bag as a purse thing, and then sitting on a couple… RIP indeed.

  2. I buried many DPN’s, usually after unfortunate sitting accidents. After I killed my 2 of my $20 rosewood DPN’s I dumped all DPN’s and switched to circular. No more sitting deaths, instead they abuse me with unnecessary impalements, but I will remain loyal to them.

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