Talk me down, people!!

I blame Ravelry…their infernal advertisements of gorgeous indie yarn dyers…  Wouldn’t a small, 3 month membership to Zenstring’s semi-solids club be wonderful?  Semi-solids, I tell you — so no whining about pooling obscuring the pattern!  What’s a girl to do?  Especially a girl who has the money (if she borrows against her next week “fun money” budget!).

*sigh* I feel myself weakening already… 😉  Or maybe I could make a solemn deal with myself to force some sewing time?  A dozen diapers/covers sewn and then I can have it?  Hmmmm…which stage is “bargaining?”

Oh, and the kids?  They did wonderfully.  *sniff*


Growing Pains

My babies are growing up!  My 5 year old and my 3 year old are having their first sleepover at a friend’s house tonight (a girl’s house, no less!).  A wonderful friend I trust 110% with my kids, of course, but it’s still a little nerve racking.  Not sure if I want them to call me to come pick them up, or if I want them to stay all night completely happily.   I grew up staying at my cousins’ houses, so I don’t actually remember my 1st sleepover, so I’m surprised I’m this, well, twitchy.  My boys have had a different upbringing though, what with us living so far from family until a couple years ago.

Maybe I should look on the bright side…if this goes well, I might be able to convince her to take the baby next time, too!

Totally joking!!  lol

Back to knitting…I’ve finished the cuff of Mingus, completed over 1/2 the seaming of the first armhole on Starsky, and am almost finished with the “finish by the end of May” portion of the Dr. Who Scarf!  Woot!  Now someone needs to send me some sewing vibes.  I massacred 2 diapers I tried to sew for a charity auction last night…it made me think many bad words I don’t usually say… 😉

In the home stretch!

I have exactly 15 inches of belt to finish knitting, and then the Starsky sweater will be finished!! Other than the seaming… lol As long as Spencer sleeps as wonderfully as he did last night I’ll be doing it tonight — or at least making my first attempt! Cross your fingers for me, I’m pathetically afraid…

On the “avoid finishing the sweater so you don’t have to seam yet” front, I cast on for my sister’s Mingus socks. Well, first I had to wind it up…weeeee!

Mingus 1

This is Dreams in Smooshy in “Blue Lagoon” (in case you forgot!)…it is so, so gorgeous. My sister has excellent taste.

Mingus 2

I think I said it before, but I wanted to thank ya’ll again for all the well wishes last week; I cannot believe what a crazy week it was; it was probably the worst “dh on a business trip” week we’ve ever had! Can I say “week” again? Week. Week. Now it looks funny.

Thankfully, things have settled down now, and we had a nice, laid back Easter & weekend. Here are a few egg hunt pics… take a good look at the first one; it’s more common to see Aiden with a scowl, lately.
Aiden Easter 08

Ian & Spencer are more cheery, generally, although Spencer gets ticked off pretty quick if you don’t hand over the expensive electronics:
Ian Easter 08 Spencer Easter 08

We’ve started letting the boys play more video/computer games, which is both fun & incredibly irritating. Fighting over turns grates on my nerves, but the demands for Momma to do any and all “hard parts” for them is even more annoying. Because sure enough, when I do help I end up getting sucked in & playing until I realize Spencer is screeching at me & trying to grab the mouse/controller… I suppose that makes it my fault, huh? You try it, though. These maze games are fun; I had to stop myself from playing that sliding colored blocks game over & over to get a faster time/higher score (I hit the 20,000+ range, thanks for asking).

Found Links

On the parenting front, I was forwarded an interesting link with a bunch of child development info.  Some right on, some “eehh,” and some good ones to think about.  It’s always nice to get a reality check when you start thinking your kids should be able to do xx on their own, you know?

The subject of “best first sock pattern” seems to be coming up a lot lately, so I thought I’d post (another?) link to the Silver’s Sock Class. She has very clear & concise instructions & wonderful pictures.

And finally, another knitting book. I know; I’m going to have a real knitting library if I keep this up! This one isn’t out until June, though; and I’ll probably visit it a few times at the bookstore first, but I’ll be surprised if I’m not impressed. It’s by Michelle Rose Orne, whose Cobweb Lace Stole (also one of the patterns in the soon-to-be-released book) was in this Spring’s Interweave Knits.

I have to admit I wasn’t all that in love with most of the Spring collection (other than Chrissy Gardiner’s excellent Tulip Socks), but I think it’s more that Spring colors aren’t really my thing, so I’m not drawn to the projects as much as I could be.

Oh darn; it’s too late to start seaming now…guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow night!  lol  Maybe if I manage to finish the sweater nicely I’ll gather up the courage to start that Great American Aran blanket before next year…or maybe not.  😉

Ahhh, relief!

My wonderful man came home today!  He was back in time to put the goobers to bed & was in a wonderful mood.  🙂  It’s a darn good thing he made it because the “retail therapy” monster reared it’s money-sucking head today & I was unable to curb it completely.  lol  Who knows what another day or two of his absence would have done to our budget!

As it was, a couple stellar knitting books found their way into my bag, and the boys each got a little toy too (boy does that add up quickly when there are 3!).  I also had the joy of an unexpected package, from a certain lovely lady in Wisconsin

More tomorrow — or sometime this weekend; I might have to sleep for the next 48 hours straight!   If I don’t “see” you before then, have a happy Easter!!  And check out the sweet chicks Leslie found…I might try a few if I can slip them in before Sunday…

Oh — one last link.  The most stunning blanket ever!  Maybe I’ll start it…next year!

Only 1 day left.

Less than one day, really.  Maybe 22 hours?  Then I will be free.  Hallelujah!  lol  Every night has been a little better (erm, only in the “I got 20 minutes more sleep than the night before” kinda way), but tonight is really looking up.  I’ve been out here for almost 1/2 an hour…with 3 sleeping children in another room.  And there was only one tiny meltdown at bedtime…by me.

What are the chances the boys tell Papa that Mama went crazy while he was gone?  And if they do tell, do you think I’ll get sympathy points?  😉

Seriously though, thanks for “listening” this week, ya’ll.  And thanks for letting me brag about my new yarn; it was a fun shopping spree; and my dh makes a terrible audience.

…and finally…day 7!

Okay…so I might have gone a bit overboard. Un poco. Maybe. 😉 But when someone whispers “co-op” and “half-priced yarn” in the same sentence, what’s a girl to do? Especially a girl with guilt free $$ burning a hole in her pocket!

Here’s what I still had from the last co-op:

peace fleece I already had

And with all the new stuff too:

All the peace fleece

Some close-ups of the new stuff:

PF - speplova mushroom PF - patience blue & baltic blue PF - fathers gray, baku black & ancient fern PF - (2) Hemlock, shaba green

The boys posing with the old stuff:
boys posing with peace fleece

I won’t comment on how the boys’ night was last night. Lets just say I’m counting the hours until Tim comes home…in 2 MORE days.

I’m dreaming of striped sweaters & loooonggg stocking caps for my boys.  Do you think I have enough selection?  lol

A belated day 6

It’s inevitable. Every time my dh leaves for a business trip, calamity strikes. Oh, it starts out well enough. We get past the 1/2 hour meltdown that all three seem to have where I think “oh great, this will be a wonderful week.” I decide to stop whining & get down to business. I dream up huge plans of cleaning every room, reorganizing the toys, catching up on laundry, and feeding the boys well balanced & timely meals.

This time I even made it through most of the day following through. I tortured the baby (but only a little) so he would skip the late afternoon nap he takes sometime, so he would go down for the night at 6:30. The boys had (mostly) nutritious snack trays for dinner, and were in bed by 7:30. During story time I was firm…they only wheedled one extra story out of me. 😉

Then it all went down the drain.

Spencer woke up before they were asleep, then would not go back to sleep. Aiden ended up coming in to sleep with us, then I fell asleep. At 8pm. I woke up at 11, to Spencer still nursing. I managed to sneak away 10 minutes later, but 5 minutes after that he woke up again. And did not settle for 3 hours. That was helped along by both he & Aiden having apparently coming down with spring colds. Ugh. So when one wasn’t coughing, sniffling or treating us to a wonderful solo of congested snoring, he was being woken up by the other one who was. I’m pretty sure I dozed off a few times, and got an hour or so of sleep in before 4 am, when Aiden started kicking me as if he were running in place. I figured out he had to use the potty & crossly told him to get up & go before passing out again. I woke up at 4:30 to Ian insisting I go to the bathroom with him. I found Aiden there cleaning up the mess he made.

Apparently the poor guy couldn’t get the toilet seat up fast enough & doused the floor instead. Being the self-sufficient boy he is, he grabbed a dozen or so (cloth) napkins and laid them out side by side all over the bathroom floor to clean up the mess. Of course I felt like a heel for not waking up to help him in the first place, so I gave him some extra cuddles & didn’t complain when we were all back in (the same) bed & I found myself surrounded by 3 little furnaces who like to unconsciously kick and twitch.

I tell ya; it’s a miracle I made it through the day without passing out in exhaustion. Thankfully a friend or two dropped by today & our kids amused each other for the most part, so I got a bit of a break (and some grown up conversation). I also received the yarn for my “day 7” post!! Yes I know, it is day 7, but ya’ll will just have to wait until Tuesday for it, because today you get day 6; which is the remnant yarns I bought a bit of here & there.

First is a ravelry find — really you could call it a “ravelry found me,” because another member saw a post I made about liking magic stripes sock yarn for my boys’ socks & she PMed me with an offer. So now I have this:

magic stripes

Next we have the other 1/2 of the Briar Rose yarn I bought to split with February’s MBOY swap on It is incredibly yummy:

Briar Rose briar rose

Last is a single, lonely skein of Reynolds Gypsy cotton. This was actually a gift from Tina; formerly of Lily Lane Knits. She came back from Switzerland for a visit last month & brought a bag of yarn for us to paw through that had been sitting in her storage room here in the US. If memory serves, I also snagged a ball of bulky and a kids pattern, but those are both buried in the mess that is my craft room.

reynolds gypsy cotton

No idea what I’m going to do with this, it feels sooo nice.  Maybe I’ll hunt up a few more skeins and make a top for my favorite (read: smallest, quickest to complete projects for) niece.

I’ve shown you yarn now (maybe not all the most exciting yarn, but yarn, nonetheless).  So I don’t feel bad about begging you to send my children all your best sleepy vibes/prayers/wishes.  I promise you my undying gratitude…and perhaps less incoherent rants about the difficulties of motherhood!

And on that note…the baby is awake.  Again!