No pictures, sorry…

…although there will be some soon, I promise!  😀  But for tonight, I’m unable to upload any, as…*drumroll please* I’m using my new laptop! 🙂 We (read: dh, the computer guru) hasn’t set up/moved my pics or other documents over yet, though. Actually, I’m probably going to have him wipe it & rebuild it with Windows XP. I’m not lovin’ “Vista” so much. And ugh — there are so many “free trial” programs all over this thing I want to vomit. Way irritating. I’m a bit spoiled though; DH builds all our machines (both the hard & software, usually with this laptop being an exception — it’s straight from the HP factory), so I don’t usually ever have to see any annoying Norton Anti-virus/AOL/popcap games/etc. pop-ups. I can’t wait to get rid of it on this one.

But enough about the computer, let me tell you about the knitting! I’m a bout finished with my first Starsky sleeve and I’m about to start the decrease pattern on my Lacecap. Since those were both my “easy” knitting projects (and now they’re my “pay attention at least a little bit” projects) I’m going to cast on another easy one. Which one? Why, Dr. Who, of course! The infamous 12 foot scarf is going to start tonight! I copied the pattern down (note to self: by printer cartridge!), and added up all the rows (1042). To finish by Christmas, that’s about 100 rows/month, which is (at 50sts/row) about 5,000 sts. a month. Hmmm, that’s sort of daunting. lol.

Still, the lil baby goober has cut his last 2 molars, so there is hope that I may get some knitting time back in the evenings soon. Now watch him start to immediately start getting the dreaded eye teeth in!


2 thoughts on “No pictures, sorry…

  1. Hey, MOLARS? Oh that’s right, your kids teethe early! I think we’re finally better, gotta come see you this week… I’ll call you! (Have fun with the new puter! I’m spoiled, we use Linux here…)

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