Warning — picture intensive post!

I’ve been avoiding blogging again, to punish motivate myself to make some progress with Starsky. I finally feel like I’ve made some headway, so now I’m going to do my level best to bore ya’ll to tears with scads of pics & the promise of a picture of some new yarn every day for a week. And maybe even some new yarn-related implements! 🙂

First, here’s an action shot of Starsky. I had to try it on my sis to double check sleeve length. Since this picture I’ve finished this sleeve & am at least 1/2 way through the 2nd one.

Starsky 5

Why yes, I am short, thanks for noticing. 😉

Also on the knitting front, I finished (a different) sister’s birthday present — almost a week early (anyone who knows me knows what a huge surprise this is!). I present to you, Lacecap:

Lacecap 3

Yarn: Louet Gems Fingering
Pattern: Lacecap from Knitty
Needles: Brittany size 2 dpns. One of which became a casualty (but will be replaced — thanks for the info!!)
Alterations: I did 10 total repeats of the lace pattern, which brought the total length (before the crown shaping) to 5.75 inches as opposed to the 4.5 it called for. It came out a teensy bit long, I’d probably do 1 less repeat if I did it again.

I have more knitting news, but I’ll save it for later. 😉 I can’t wait any longer to tell you — my baby turned 1 this week!! He slid from amniotic fluid into warm water silently at 1:20am on March 5th. Errr…he was quiet…I was, ahem; less quiet. lol

We had a great Birthday party yesterday; here’s Spencer enjoying his (homemade vegan as he can’t have eggs or dairy) cake that mama made (without poisoning anyone!):


Afterwards we did what all normal families do. We opened presents…then gave my brother-in-law a mohawk.

03-09-08052-copy.jpg 03-09-08056-copy.jpg

What? Are we weird? lol

And now for the gratuitous “aren’t my kids clever/gorgeous/funny” shots:

The boys hangin’ out together:
03-09-08037-copy.jpg 03-09-08039-copy.jpg

Spencer wearing his new uniform — diaper & shoes …he insists on even sleeping in his shoes…isn’t he a little charmer?

03-09-08007-copy.jpg 03-09-08009-copy.jpg 03-09-08012-copy.jpg

Ian & Aiden get genius awards for putting together a 100 piece puzzle together, without any help!


Come back tomorrow for day 1 of my tax refund yarn splurge. 🙂 Will it be sock yarn? Sweater yarn? You’ll have to wait & see ( I know — you’re biting your nails in anticipation, aren’t you? ;)).


5 thoughts on “Warning — picture intensive post!

  1. Love the birthday party pictures! The kids are crazy cute. I can’t believe how busy you’ve been! You’re looking SLIM too! I’m highly jealous. 🙂

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