Day 1, part 2

I found more yarn, so I’ll have to double up some of these little ones… 😉

I linked this wonderful homespun I bought on Etsy a couple weeks ago, but here it is in all it’s glory:

etsy homespun

This is a great example of why I need to learn to spin. There is hardly enough here to make a pair of anklets; but I still couldn’t resist. It’s just beautiful. Maybe some fingerless mitts? hmmmm I have the urge to pair this with a nice deep color…

etsy homespun & regia silk


ps…the new knitty is up!


2 thoughts on “Day 1, part 2

  1. What a pretty skein of handspun – let’s learn to spin together this year, deal?:) I’m waiting until my birthday in May to start thinking about a wheel – I’m in denial – but I love handspun too!!

  2. Gorgeous yarn, and a good choice in pairing up! what do you thin you would do? stripe? Fair Isle? or toes/heel/cuff??? tough decision. What is the weight on the handspun? Will it knit up like a sport wieght or fingering?

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