Day 2

I determined this tax season that I would buy what I wanted — not only what I *should* get. I’ve passed this yarn over time & again because it’s always available. But oh, have I wanted it. For such a long time…

Now, I know I moved away from my family & picked up some different ways of thinking. I know I’m the oldest so my siblings continued to bond (read fight & bicker) for years after I left the house, and I know that my Mom’s parenting continued to evolve as more of her kids grew up (as all good parenting does). But I don’t think the following situation had anything to do with that.

Last week we went to Michaels and I finally got my greedy little hands on this yarn. I turned with glee to show my sister & mother, who respectively responded with, “oh, we have such different tastes,” and “but what would you do with it?”

patons sws

1. Yes, thank God, we do (lol) — love ya sis!
2. Who cares?

No, this has nothing to do with lifestyle, environment or parenting. This is purely about obsession love of fiber…and color. Glorious color!

For real though; I’m thinking felted purse? Or maybe I’ll just hang it from my craft room ceiling so my sister & mom can glance at each other & roll their eyes behind my back every time they visit… 😉


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