4 secrets…a meme

I’ve been tagged by Liz!

4 jobs I’ve had:

Secretary/data input – at my old high school.  I entered time “card” info for the maintenance dept.

Waitress – I waited tables while in college at an Italian place I loved (well, other than dating & then dumping the manager…that was awkward…), then after I got married at a fun bar & grill in Florida.

Legal Secretary – this is what I went to college to “be.”  It was sensible & steady, but not so involved that I would feel like I was wasting something when I quite to be a Mom.  It was also boring & paid like crap; although that was more the particular office, I suspect.

Mom – okay, it’s cheesy, I know.  But this is truly the job I always wanted.  I’m sure in a year or two, I’ll remember why again… 😉   Besides, I’ve run out of other jobs to tell you about!

4 movies I like:


Love Actually

Sweet Home Alabama

Holiday Inn – can’t leave out the classics!!

4 places I’ve been:

Mackinac Island, Michigan

The everglades (in Florida)

Washington D.C.

Disney World

…I really need to get out more…

4 places I’ve lived:

Sarasota/Bradenton, Florida

Midland, Michigan

Owosso, Michigan

Lansing, Michigan

4 TV Programs I watch:

Law & Order SVU

CSI: Miami



4 Radio Programs

Ha; I turn the radio on and all I hear is “mommy, turn it offfffff!!!”
4 Preferred food items


Hummus (Garden Fresh Garlic Lovers!!!)


Sour Pickles (think hamburger dill chips — yum!)

4 places I’d rather be:

I’d love to be right here in my house…if it were tidy & WARM.  I cannot wait to get these walls insulated!!!
Visiting my buddy in Florida

At a day spa…I know I’d be one of the people crying because the massage felt so wonderful

Running on a trail through the woods.  Running centers me the way knitting does.  I miss it so much & am getting stoked at the idea of getting back into it.

4 friends I’d like to invite to play!

Please do this if you want — I don’t often tag people, I don’t want to tag anyone who hates doing these sort of posts (although I don’t mind!!).


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