Excessive cuteness, WIP progress & day 4 of yarn goodness…

How’s that for an all encompassing title? Note I didn’t try to claim it was a clever title. 😉

Today you get the gratuitous cute baby pics first!

03-14-08011-copy.jpg 03-14-08016-copy.jpg 03-14-08012-copy.jpg

All babies love to wear their Papa’s hat, don’t they? This little guy is teething sooooo badly — he bit my shoulder today & I almost dropped him (those teeth are S.H.A.R.P.!). I didn’t end up with teeth marks, but I have a small welt looking spot. We were both pretty freaked out, I think. Thank goodness he doesn’t know what those 4 letter words mean yet…

WIP progress report (is there an official “blog day” for that? Not that I’d be that organized anyway):

Dr. Who Scarf

I’m 17 3/4 inches in — that’s 170 rows. Well ahead of my 4 rows/day schedule I’m aiming for (114 rows ahead, to be exact). I even wove in the ends for you…then didn’t take a pic with it unfolded. lol

Dr. Who scarf 3


I have 2 sleeves:

Starsky 8

A back (folded up), 2 fronts, and a good start on the cowl/shawl collar:

Starsky 6

And a freaky mistake. Darn short rows, anyway. The picture shows the bottom of the ribbing on each end of what would be, I guess, the button band (if it had buttons). Somehow, I did an extra short-row, or one too few; I’m not sure which yet. At first I claimed I would just put a short row on the side that was short to even it out, but then I started getting visions of weird dimples that wouldn’t sit right in the ribbing. I think I’m going to have to rip back. Ugh. Did I mention that each complete row is 279 stitches? Please God, let it be in the first row or so!!

Starsky 7

Rae’s Yarn Boutique Blanket KAL

The last WIP is also today’s installment of yummy yarn. Every month Rae is releasing another square pattern for the blanket, so by next February/March we should be ready to sew these babies together. They make nice, big (18×18?) squares. I’m using the same colors & yarns she did, since hers came out so gorgeously. The yarn is Queensland Collection Rustic Wool. It has a beautiful hand (assuming that term means what I think it does, lol) & great color variation. It is just incredibly pleasing to knit with.

Rae's blanket block 1

The pattern price is troubling me a bit. It’s $5/month, which doesn’t sound like much…but that adds up to a $60 pattern — for a blanket, ya know? It’s supposed to be a sort of group KAL in the shop with advice/help available, so I understand why. Unfortunately, I’m not able to take advantage of that every month due to the logistics of kids & gas costs ($30-40 round trip), so it’s not so great for me personally. Last month I had to skip it due to sick kids, and this month, well, I’ve been down there (to my family’s houses) every week for the past 3, so I just can’t see making another trip down tomorrow *just* to spend an hour knitting at a LYS where I don’t know anyone anyhow. I’m not ready to scrap it yet, though. Perhaps next month I can coordinate it with a visit with family so it isn’t such a waste of gas. And I do enjoy Rae’s store, so I want to support her. I think I’ll call tomorrow to see if she can drop the yarn & March pattern in a bag for me & mail it; or I could have my sister pick it up & give it to me when I see her next.

Heck, maybe I’ll knit a 2nd blanket at the same time to make it a $30 pattern per blanket! lol From stash, of course! *wink*


3 thoughts on “Excessive cuteness, WIP progress & day 4 of yarn goodness…

  1. We are going down. I could pick it up. I think we are going to be in Lansing. I know we are headed to Williamston and Laingsburg.

  2. I came to your blog and got all my questions answered about the afghan you are knitting, you don’t have to answer all my pestering questions now! It looks like it’s going to be a lovely blanket. The color is gorgeous…makes mine look so …beige!

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