Sweater love…day 5

Could it be? Plans for a grown up sweater?! For me?!? On smallish needles?!?!

It certainly looks like it!

homespun & garnstudios alpaca

The brown is homespun I bought at the Artists Market last summer here in town. It is a 95/5 alpaca/mohair blend. It has tiny flecks here and there in the same blue and a few in cream. The blue & cream are Garnstudios Drops Alpaca I picked up on sale at Threadbear.

I’m envisioning a tunic style top knit in the round with a little waist shaping, and a classic tunic slit at the neckline and at the bottom sides. Then I’ll be going all college/boy sweater and putting a few stripes across the chest. Wide blue with a couple different sized stripes with the other colors. Maybe color changes at the waist/neckline? Obviously the design is a WIP. I’ll probably start swatching with it in a few weeks. I want to get a nice start on the Mingus (or maybe my MIL’s birthday present?), first.

And obviously I need to finish Starsky. As soon as I’ve finished drinking this bottle of Budweiser gathering my courage, I’m going into the living room to start ripping. Ugh. Did you know Budweiser has 16oz bottles now? 😉


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